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Shortly before Christmas, the Oberammergau Volunteer Fire Brigade became the proud recipients of a brand new rapid intervention unit. One of the most exciting features of the vehicle - apart from its stunning design – is the innovative engineering. The entire vehicle was built using the new GRP technology. Empl first presented this visionary concept at the 2005 Interschutz International Trade Fair. “GRP Tech“ (GFK-Tech in Austria) fire fighting vehicles comprise of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) sandwich panels, which can be used to build a variety of small fire fighting vehicles, rescue vehicles, rapid intervention units, small fire engines with portable pumps and larger fire engines with water tanks. The GRP design ensures our vehicles are 100% corrosion resistant, which enables Empl to offer a 10-year guarantee. The panel construction also provides the entire body of the vehicle with sound and heat insulation, and acts as a very effective flame retardant.


The beauty of GRP construction is the enormous amount of extra space it creates. This allows EMPL engineers not only to provide more space for equipment, but also, and perhaps more importantly, more space for the fire fighting crew. The new GRP crew cabin - already successfully installed in “MOD-Tech“ vehicles - is both wider and higher than traditional cabins. The additional space offers a lot more comfort, and more room for the crew to stretch their legs. Another exciting feature is the new cabin’s higher doors, which make it much easier for fire fighters to enter and exit the cabin - even with a breathing apparatus on their back. EMPL’s breathing apparatus racks (developed in-house) are equipped with a quick-release system (one-hand push button release); the cabin’s fold-away backrests offer excellent comfort. In addition, the crew area of the Oberammergau Volunteer Fire Brigade’s rapid intervention unit has a fold-away command table.


Apart from expanded cabin space, Empl cabins also offer other major benefits: as with traditional cabins, the crew area and driver's cab is interconnected, thus ensuring problem-free communication. Another important feature is the additional window installed between the driver's door and the cabin door to offer optimal views of the outdoor environment and allow more light inside the cabin. Empl cabins are designed for durability, and as such, care has been taken to ensure that they can be used again and again. Years from now, the entire vehicle body (crew cabin and equipment compartment) can easily be refitted to a different chassis, without problem. The Oberammergau Volunteer Fire Brigade’s rapid intervention unit offers other impressive details such as: a hydraulic retractable trolley at the rear of the vehicle, which can be raised and lowered and is equipped with various fire fighting devices including 2 aluminium drawers filled with tool. Electrical equipment includes rear warning system, NEON floodlights, a swivel and tilt-adjustable telescopic light (2 x 1,000 W), lighting balloons and an electric telescopic awning. Another highlight of the Oberammergau rapid intervention unit is the onboard '”Travel Power' generator.


The EMPL “Fire Fighter GFK-Tech” (GRP technology) can be cost-effectively manufactured in series production, while still retaining all these “top quality” features. Series production also means shorter delivery times. At EMPL efficiency, functionality and design come together in perfect harmony.


EMPL “Fire Fighter GFK-Tech“ – for fire brigades, which - like Oberammergau – want more than just the average fire fighting vehicle!