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After extensive testing and comprehensive inspection, which lasted for over 3 years, Empl was finally able to secure a contract for 63 multi-purpose vehicles for the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technische Hilfswerk Deutschland).


Separate batches of 10 all-terrain MAN LE 18280 4x4 BB lorries have been delivered to the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief in May and July last year. The vehicles come equipped with plank bed, tarpaulin and hydraulic platforms. These were the first two deliveries from a total of 63 multi-purpose vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 16 tons. The last 12 vehicles will be delivered in December 2006.


The lorries, which are valued at €105.000 will form to the new generation of “Technischen Hilfswerk“ vehicles: the salvage team’s equipment can be stowed away in 6 – 8 trolleys, which can be loaded according to the requirements for the mission. The hydraulic platform facilitates loading and off-loading and has a lifting capacity of up to 1,500 kg.


Clever technology makes securing a load as easy as ABC.

Two rows of lashing rails at the side and front walls offer ample fastening positions to secure any load against sliding. There are also 12 cleverly integrated lashing lugs, in the loading area, spaced at a distance of 1,5 m apart. These lugs can swivel a full 360 degrees, or be hidden away by sinking into allotted grooves in the frame. The stowage compartment contains an aluminium box for storing a wide variety of lashing straps. There is also a shelving unit along the front wall for storing stretchers, a rescue basket, spades, shovels, etc. Should additional loading space be required, the shelf can easily be disassembled by unlocking four quick release mechanisms. As for the ladder, this can be stored away in a specially designed mount under the tarpaulin roof.


Manual all-terrain vehicle with differential lock and a separate electronic “off road“ mode for optimal manoeuvring through off-road terrain.