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Josef Empl, the grandfather of the current chiefs, purchases the house Kaltenbach Number 5. It is proven that the house had already served as a blacksmith's for more than 200 years. The „Zillertal wood ploughs“ were mainly manufactured here, which were then known and valued throughout the whole country.


The founder of the company dies unexpectedly. At the age of 17 his son Josef has to take over the company. At that time three people were employed, the „boss“ being the youngest of them. To be able to maintain production, Josef Empl is exempted from military service. He uses the delay to pass his master’s certificate and becomes the youngest blacksmith master of the then "German Reich".


After his return from captivity Josef Empl reopens the family business, which in the meantime had closed down. He proves to be far-sighted by completely reforming the company and starting a production which was already then tailored to meet demand.


Josef Empl founds the "Alpenländischen Fahrzeugbau – J. Empl" ("Alpine Vehicle Manufacturer").


He earns the first fruits of his future-oriented entrepreneurial strategy. At the first Klagenfurt trade show after the war he causes a sensation with an agricultural trailer with pneumatic tyres (!).


The Trust of Agricultural Technology makes use of the services of the Empl company. On behalf of this Trust the company builds a driving shaft trailer for a single-axle mountain tractor. The pre-financing of this project is realized by a man, to whom the interests of the mountain farmers were of great concern, the later Provincial Prime Minister Eduard Wallnöfer.


Start of p roduction of the first truck bodies. Since then the manufacturing of tailor made special designs has been one of the specialities of the Zillertal factory. Over the following years the entire vehicle fleets of food companies and other major customers were equipped with Empl bodies. The path taken—the production of clever products conforming to the highest technical standards—proves to be the right one to an ever greater extent.


Herbert Empl enters the company, first working in engineering, later in production management .


Josef Empl jun. takes over production management and Herbert Empl takes over responsibility for sales.


a first concrete step towards shifting the company is made. The company had experienced a steady upward development. After several alterations and additions to the buildings, the capacity of the site is exhausted. Furthermore, Kaltenbach had developed to an aspiring tourist location, where having hotel rooms and metal-working industry side-by-side in the long-run would have caused problems. On the 8th of November, 1972 Josef Empl writes to the Council of Kaltenbach, in which he asks for the allocation of a suitable building site outside the town center. Shifting the company is also sought after to due to reasons of securing its existence, as the restricted working conditions cause ineffective work flows and the dependence on third party companies. The shifting plans proposed by Empl fail at first, as the Council—due to the lack of a suitable building site—cannot fulfil the request for an alternative area. Only years later can this request be fulfilled.


Takeover of the „Stafler“ factory in Innsbruck, which is known for its dump truck bodies. At the factory in the Col di Lana Street all repairs of truck bodies, trailers, cranes and loading tailgates for Empl customers were carried out. The fast service and the professional workmanship of all services earn the Empl repair shop a good reputation.


Josef Empl files a new application for shifting the company and finds a supporter in the Mayor. He convinces the Municipal Council of the necessity to shift the Empf factory. However, until an agreement is reached a lot of water runs down the Ziller valley.


it is done – A purchase contract is signed at the Notary’s Office in Zell by which 9000 sq m of ground changes ownership. The signature to this contract is the starting point for the planning of the „new“ Empl factory.


Empl shifts to the new factory buildings. The new premises allow for a more modern, more effective and more competitive production. The core of the factory is an assembly building which, including paint shop and the auxiliary rooms, has a size of 2000 sq m.


is the year, in which Empl risks entering into the export business. Today more than 65 percent of production goes into export. The list of countries, in which vehicles with Empl bodies are used, extends from Egypt to Zimbabwe, in alphabetical order.

Heinz Empl enters the company and takes over financial affairs.


Start of the continuous production of fire engine bodies..


the draft for the new Empl buildings is presented (a new production building and a new administration building); the negotiations for building approval take place in December 1988.


the plans are realized, between March and December the new buildings go up overnight. The following figures illustrate the dimensions. The production building and the fully automatic warehouse have a total useful area of 3000 qm. And the administration building, which was designed according to the newest aspects of office design, extends over 500 qm. In total the space covered by the additional buildings has an extent of 30000 cubic meters.


"Empl - Fahrzeugwerke Ges.m.b.H. & Co KG" celebrate the official opening of the new company buildings. The ceremony takes place on Saturday, 21st April, the official address is given by the Provincial Prime Minister Alois Partl. During the celebration exemplary staff are acknowledged and the product range is presented.


Empl opens a sales office in Leipzig with one staff member.

Conversion of the "Ges.m.b.H. & Co KG" into a mere "Ges.m.b.H." ("Co. & Partners Ltd." into a mere "Ltd.")


Empl purchases the former FAGEMA company in Klöden from Treuhand ges.m.b.H. for four reasons:

  • Production site within the EU area as Austria joining the EU was uncertain at this time
  • not to lose the market built up during the German unification, as there is a massive customer demand for a production and service location
  • to generate production capacities which were still required during the negotiation phase, and to be able to purchase more economically due to higher production numbers or access to manufacturers.
  • proximity to the future potential markets in the east.


certification of the quality management systems introduced to the Empl plants

  • Certification for Kaltenbach and Innsbruck: 06.-08. February in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Certification for Klöden: 09.-10. February in accordance with ISO 9002


Purchase of a building site in Hall.


Planning and building of a new service and assembly plant in Hall. Start of operation in the new Empl plant in Hall on 20.10.1997. Introduction of a new integrated IT system (SAP).


extensions to the site of the Hall plant are carried out.



to secure the long-term existence of the Empl Fahrzeugwerk Ges.m.b.H. over generations, the "Empl Private Foundation" is founded. Site extensions are carried out at the Kaltenbach plant. In Germany 36.000 qm of site are purchased.


the building of a new production-hall in Kaltenbach is started. Already in December the final-assembly-departement moves into the new building with a size of about 3.500 qm. The most modern painting and steel blasting facility all over Europe goes into operation. The fire fighting production moves into the recently purchased and adapted “Fankhauser Halle”. Simultaneous the buiding of a new facility, including production and administration, begins in Elster (Germany).


in January the final-assembly moves from the plant in Klöden to the new plant in Elster. In June the new administration building goes into operation. The plant in Klöden is reengeniered to handle series construction work. In the plant in Kaltenbach a new inspection and hand over hall, including a customer bar and a delivery office, is installed, which is unique in Europe.


on July 31st, 2003 the municipal council of Kaltenbach together with its chairman Klaus Gasteiger and Heinz Empl signed a trendsetting contract for a new extension in order to consolidate the main office in Kaltenbach. The new area, which has a size of about 11,660 qm, will offer facilities for research and development. Other additional projects are new premises for cooperative companies as well as the removal of the maintenance and repair department to this new area.


a new generation of fire fighters “MOD-Tech” equipped with CAN-Bus and GFK Tech was presented to the public. New welding robots were put into operation in Kaltenbach and Elster. Planning for Elster II and Kaltenbach South as well as the negotiations with the municipality of Elster concerning an additional realty started.


Empl invested significantly in the Austrian head quarter in Kaltenbach. The office building was enlarged massively; a new washing and inspection hall was put into operation. Moreover, the planning phase for a new R&D Centre, several production halls as well as a factory canteen and seminar rooms is completed. The construction of this building will start in autumn 2006.


estates were acquired in Elster and Kaltenbach. Also the construction of the new facilities has begun and a marketing office was opened at the same time in Shanghai. In the division of industrial fire fighting vehicles and logistic products Empl reached an essential market edge because of new and further development.


the ultramodern Empl Service Park with a new fire fighting vehicles production and service station with pump test bench, washing hall and hydraulic facility was put into operation in the first half of the year. Furthermore publicly available canteen, seminar premises as well as an experience show room together with a fire fighting shop are located in the new building. Moreover in Elster the new production and office structure was commissioned by the end of the year. Production capacity is herby tripled.

Because of an estate purchase in Uderns/Tirol of 13.000 qm a future company expansion won’t be hold up In the division of commercial vehicles Empl demonstrate his pioneer status at the market. The new tipping body and rock dump body “Titan” generation was presented to the publicity.


Further purchase of land in Elster for prospective increase and also purchase of a new aluminium sand blasting equipment and new robot equipments have been made in Kaltenbach.


production capacity in Kaltenbach is expanded with a new production hall (completion February 2010). In the production plant in Elster Mr. DI (FH) Uwe Göbel is announced as Managing Director.

Pater-Jakob-Gapp-Prize (acceptation for social engagement)



  • New employee and customer parking space with 5.000 m² (Kaltenbach)
  • New welding and cargo-body assembling hall, changeover to natural gas (Kaltenbach)
  • Implementation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the production plant (Elster)


  • Implementation of a new CNC laser cutting machine (Kaltenbach)
  • Implementation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the production plant (Klöden)
  • Construction of a vehicle testing track (Uderns)
  • Decision to invest in the biggest photovoltaic system in Tirol as well as in an industrial park (Kaltenbach/Uderns)


  • Puchase of land: 1700m² (Hall)
  • Puchase of land: 5000m² (Kaltenbach South)
  • Acquisition: Fankhauser hall with modification and estabishment of an own export dispatch department
  • Installation and implementation: Biggest photovoltaic system of Tyrol on the roof of the production plant (Kaltenbach)
  • Completion of the industrial park "Technologieschmiede" (Uderns)


  • Dedication of industrial park “Empl Technologie Schmiede" and test track for trucks (Uderns)
  • Investment in test facilities
  • Installation and implementation of the photovoltaic system (Uderns)
  • Enlargement of the production hall (Elster)
  • Awards: Export champion of the niche, Fire fighter supporting employer, GBE Factory Award, Nomination for Trigos


  • Purchase of land 11.000m² in Uderns, storage areas are roofed and equipped with a photovoltaic system
  • Planning request for the extension of the service plant in hall
  • Implementation of an extraction system for welding fume and respirable dust and roofing some storage areas in Kaltenbach
  • GBE Factory Award


  • Joe Empl takes over responsibility for Sales/Marketing from his father Herbert Empl
  • Expansion of the production halls in Kaltenbach
  • Expansion of the service workshops in Hall
  • Implementation of a fully automatic bending machine in Kaltenbach
  • Presentation of the new generation of fire brigade vehicles: EMPL PRIMUS


  • Construction of Empl Academy for customers, staff and apprentices in Kaltenbach