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The German Federal Ministry of the Interior has been one of EMPL Germany’s loyal customers for over ten years. The foundation for the long-term collaboration was established with the first large-scale order of 372 personnel decontamination vehicles on MAN chassis.

From goods vehicles to heavy-duty vehicles with a crane, vehicles of varying configurations were then added each following year.

They were followed by several vehicle models recently handed over to individual organisations:


32 high-tech command and communication vehicles for the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief ( THW) and the Hamburg Fire Brigade

EMPL manufactured 25 command and communication vehicles on MAN TGL 12.210 4x2 BBs for the THW command and communication technical unit. Seven additional identical bodies were delivered to the Hamburg Fire Brigade Service by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior’s procurement office.

The command and communication vehicles, one of which was exhibited at last year’s IAA in Hanover, can be used to transport both goods and individuals due to their built-in shelving systems and lashing rails.

The insulated box bodies are divided into an equipment and service room; the service room serves as a workstation for radio and telecommunications staff and is equipped with the latest communication equipment.

This vehicle model is rounded out with body attachments such as a light tower, additional battery unit, air-conditioning system and door weather protection.


95 multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) for the THW

Following the THW rescue group’s highly positive experience with the 63 MPVs (on MAN LE 18.280 4x4 BBs) delivered by EMPL in 2006, a further prototype was manufactured on the new MAN TGM 18.280 4x4 BB at the end of 2007. As a result, 14 local THW associations received their new MPVs in the summer of 2008 and an additional 17 had received theirs by the end of the year.

These vehicles are part of the new generation of MPVs co-developed by the THW and which underwent thorough testing.

The four-wheel drive multi-purpose vehicle is designed as an all-purpose flatbed lorry with tarpaulin and liftgate used to transport both THW relief units and rescue team equipment. Equipment is stowed in six to eight roll containers which can be loaded according to assignment requirements. When needed, equipment can be quickly and easily unloaded so that the vehicle is available for other assignments, such as transporting sandbags or other heavy-duty loads.

This new vehicle’s flexible loading options and sophisticated load securing system means that local THW chapters can use it in a considerably greater number of scenarios. Two rows of lashing rails on the sides and front wall offer ample fastening positions to prevent any load from sliding. 12 recessed D-rings spaced at 1.5-metre intervals are located in the cargo area; these D-rings are rotatable by 360 degrees and retractable. A wide variety of lashing and tension straps are stored in a box in the right-hand storage compartment. Additional shelving units are located along the front wall for storing stretchers, a rescue basket, spades and shovels. Should additional cargo space be required, the shelf can easily be disassembled using four quick release mechanisms. Fastening devices are located underneath the tarpaulin roof for storing ladder parts . A high ground clearance facilitates transportation through water to a depth of 80 cm. Thanks to an available all-wheel drive, the vehicle is also perfectly suited to manoeuvring through off-road terrain.


29 lorry liftgates for the THW ( THW name : “seven-tonne lorry”)

At the end of 2008, the first series of a total of 23 new lorry liftgates was handed over to local THW chapters. These vehicles are similar to the MPVs, but the lorry differences include tyres and driver’s cab (no crew cab) on the one hand and tarpaulin body on the other.

Rear axle twin tires were chosen for the liftgates; the selected tyres are generally used on construction site vehicles.

Several major improvements were made to the body, too: Like the MPV, this is a flatbed lorry with tarpaulin and liftgate (lifting capacity: 2,000 kg). However, this vehicle model’s tarpaulin body can be lowered so that the vehicle can even fit in smaller factory halls.

A subsequent order for another six units is currently in production and will be delivered in the coming weeks.


25 personnel decontamination lorries 2 (decon lorry P) for the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance


The German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance received a total of 25 personnel decontamination lorries in November 2008. The bodies, mounted on a MAN TGM 18.280 4x4 BB and designed as a flatbed lorry with tarpaulin and liftgate (lifting capacity: 1,500 kg), are used to transport special equipment with which intervention units or other affected individuals can be decontaminated and cleaned following an accident with hazardous substances.

The personnel decontamination lorry 2 holds staff and equipment for decontaminating and hygienically cleaning intervention units both with self-sufficient use and when using the public water and electricity network. The vehicle’s features meet German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) specifications. The vehicle can also support stationary decontamination unit operations. Thanks to an all-purpose cargo area, it can be used both to supply the erected decon unit with water, etc. or as a general supply vehicle.

The vehicle’s ability to manoeuvre on off-road terrain ensures that intervention units fitted with protective equipment may be decontaminated and protective equipment can be safely deposited right at the area of intervention. A FuG 8b-1 two-way vehicle radio ensures communications with the respective control centre. Corresponding terminal equipment will be supplied and installed following advancements to the introduction of digital broadcasting. The vehicle contains additional storage for personal ABC protective equipment.

Other EMPL bodies used by the THW since 2006:

·          2 flatbed lorries on MAN TGA 26.390 6x2-2 BLs with 44-m Palfinger rear crane and fly jib (PK44002E) suitable for container transport and hazardous substance control in waters and on costs

·          10 MLW4 team transport vehicles with liftgate (lifting capacity: 1,500 kg) on MAN LE 10.220 4x4 BBs

EMPL is continually refining and optimizing bodies for the THW in close collaboration with the client and lorry manufacturer. The operator’s experience with the vehicle is discussed and the resulting requests are implemented wherever possible. This constant exchange of experience is the basis for sustained product optimisation suited to the operator’s needs and just one of the reasons behind the excellent, long-term collaboration.