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Our values, benchmarks as well as compliance



In our company, we all assume responsibility!



We impress our clients with innovative transport and system solutions, in addition to close customer proximity all over the world. This ensures we remain at the forefront of our market.


Flexibility, speed, professionalism and dedication are the key factors required by a team of highly qualified staff members to fulfil every client requirement.


As our customers' partner, we want to be seen as much more than a simple supplier. Nevertheless, this aim can only be achieved together, and in addition to our staff members, it implicates all of our providers and goods vehicle manufacturers.


We are committed to long-term quality and social and environmental responsibility, as well as to adherence to directives on compliance and ILO core labour standards.


Our obligations are derived from these responsibilities.


Using an integral management system that combines all relevant responsibilities into a single system, we can ensure that all processes and procedures are subject to constant monitoring and control and can thus also be continuously improved. 


The executive board sets an example of this quality, environmental and social responsibility.


The company proprietor, the Empl Privatstiftung, ensures the long-term, successful existence of the company by providing all of the necessary resources and adopting aspects of economic efficiency which are reflected in the company’s targets.


Each individual manager or employee is obliged to carry out all activities needed to fulfil the requirements and to participate in the further development of the integral management system at EMPL.



EMPL = sustainable quality, environmental and social responsibility



Kaltenbach, February 2012



                                       Board of directors