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In order to ensure our clients receive maximum benefit from EMPL customised vehicle bodies, we travel worldwide to train and advise customers on their new vehicles. Clients will also receive detailed documentation for each product, which will help them become more acquainted with our user-friendly vehicles.

Training and handover of a HLF 10

Bühlertal, 2013


Training and handover TLF 15.200 

in UAE, 2013


Training and handover of TLF 8.000

in Gabun, 2013


Training and handover

of a HAZMAT vehicle in China, 2013

Training and handover of VF-K vehicles

Austria, 2013

Training and handover of Industrial Fire Fighting vehicles 2.000/1.000/1.000/480 Securitas, 2014

Handover of sliding platform ARBÖ Germany, 2014

Training and handover of a Heavy Duty Recovery Vehicle Estonia, 2012

Handover of a Tipping Body with crane Austria, 2013

Handover of a Tipping Body with snowplow Austria, 2015



Handover and training of EHTC 53.000 in VAE, 2013


Handover and training of troop carrier Kuwait, 2013


Handover and training EH/W 200 SBV

Oman, 2013


Training EH/W 200 SBV Bison in Abu

Dhabi, 2013

Training EH/W 200 Bison in Finnland, 2013

Handover und training hook loading system Norway, 2013