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The full vehicle fleet of the Münchsmünster plant fire brigade has been equipped with EMPL vehicles since 2005, when two all-purpose extinguisher vehicles (ULF 4,000 / 2,000 / 1,500 / 240), an equipment car for dangerous goods, as well as a transport equipment car were purchased. Another all-purpose extinguisher vehicle (ULF 4,000 / 2,000 / 1,500 / 240) left the main factory in Austria in March 2007.


In April 2009, the fire brigade crew once again travelled from the industrial estate to the Zillertal Valley to collect two new swap body vehicles (MAN TGS 41,480) and a foam swap body.


EMPL swap body vehicles: flexible and multi-facetted!

Swap body vehicles are preferred by fire brigades because of the cost saving and multi-purpose usage. With the hydraulic load-arm, containers and swap bodies can be easily loaded and unloaded in just a few minutes. The vehicles can also be supplied with a front crane if the customer requires it.


The two identical swap body vehicles used by the Münchsmünster plant fire brigade are each equipped with a 20-tonne hook device, as well as an 8-tonne Rotzler Treibmatic TR 080/5 cable winch. The hook device is designed for transporting containers measures 4 to 6.5 metres in length. Side container supports ensure optimum alignment. The hook arm is hydraulically telescopic, and equipped with a polyamide-supported revolving arm, together with protection against buckling forces in tilt position, and pneumatic hook protection.


On each side frame of the structure are 3 extendable and retractable steps, whose respective status is displayed in the driver’s cab.


Apart from an audible reversing warning device, the electrical components also include a roof camera, 2 coloured reverse control cameras suitable for night-time use, along with coloured monitors in the driver’s cab, reversing and Xenon headlights, as well as a successive tone horn system and double flash lights. The SBV was also fitted with low-voltage protection and a power supply for the swap body. A combi socket serves to externally supply compressed air and electricity to maintain the load of the chassis and to load the Fronius loading device stipulated for the cabin.


The two swap body vehicles are designed to transport the three newly purchased swap bodies. Of these, the “foam SB” was supplied by EMPL; two other containers, which EMPL was unable to offer in its product range, come from the Dutch company “Hytrans Fire Systems”.


Foam swap body – special model!

The EMPL foam swap body is designed to effectively fight large and chemical fires. It serves to supply foam en masse, and is also equipped with full extinguisher technology.


The base of the swap body, with a total length of 6.5 metres and height of 2.2 metres, is formed by a basic frame according to DIN 14 505, which has been reinforced in such a way so as to prevent warping during loading and unloading. Additional stiffening ribs also enable large load-bearing capacities, as well as a minimum load of 1.2 times the weight. 2 heavy-duty rollers are mounted at the rear of the loading bridge, and these facilitate container setup and set-down.


The front area houses the stainless steel foam tank, equipped with overload system. Fitted with 2 separate chambers, each with 4,250 litre capacities, a total of 8,500 litres of foam is available for mobile usage within a very short space of time.


They are filled using a fixed foam pump (300 L/min), equipped with automatic level regulation and suction hose. Level indicators on the exterior of the foam tank quickly and reliably provide information on the filling level (4/4; ¾; ½; ¼) with green and red lights. When the last quarter is reached, a sound is also emitted. A drain valve located at the lowest point of the tank is operated pneumatically, and equipped with a Storz bronze coupling.


The foam swap body is designed as an independent system. The FPN 10-6000 fire extinguisher pump is powered by a separate diesel motor, and has a pump output of 6,000 L/min at 10 bar and 3m suction lift. The control station is located at the rear, as are the indicators for the water and foam flow rates. The addition rates of the pressurised foam admixture system can be adjusted in 0.1% stages from 0.1 to 5%. A quick-access facility for pure foam, and an extensive fire brigade load, housed in the four tool sheds on the side or in the rear tool shed, complete the bodywork. The tool sheds, designed in the tried-and-tested EMPL “Fire Fighter Alu-Tech” construction system, are dust- and waterproof with double-walled electric roller shutters.


The SB is supplied with power through 2 x 12 volt batteries. 230-volt charging connections are located in the front section. Neon lights integrated into the roof panel and located above every roller shutter, as well as a headlight above the back door, guarantee adequate lighting. Rear flashlights ensure safe usage.


EMPL SBV and swap bodies – universal high-tech work and supply vehicles for plant fire brigades.