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Since the end of October 2009, two new vehicles from EMPL have been employed at the Seyring Fire Brigade in Lower Austria - one SRF and one TLFA 4.000-200.


Heavy fire engine

The SRF for FF Seyring, constructed in the aluminium sandwich panel method as the EMPL “Fire-Fighter Alu-Tech” on a Scania P380 CB 6x6 is now fully equipped for any kind of technical assistance. The rear end loader of the brand HIAB XS 288 with hoisting winch has a lifting power of 1,220 kg for a maximum projection of 16.1 m. The equipment also includes a working cage, lifting cross, and a basket stretcher that is carried on the roof. In addition, the vehicle carries a wheel lift (3.5 to), a hoisting winch by Rotzler Treibmatic (8 to), a lamp post 4x1000 W, and a 40 kVA built-in generator. 


The vehicle also sports extensive technical features. For example, hydraulic rescue tools with spreaders, cutters, and 2 rams, as well as a portable hydraulic tool set with combined spreader are included in the equipment. So is a Lukas rescue platform, a Plasma cutting tool, a gas measuring device, an emergency saw, inflatable cushions, 2 waste water pumps, motorised chain saws, drills, friction saws, various tools, chains, and lifting accessories, 300 bar respirators, ...


The 500 l extinguishing agent installation with quick application capabilities and the foam addition system constitute a speciality. 


Water tender 4.000-200

The TLFA 4.000-200, based on a Scania P340 CB 4x4 and constructed in the aluminium sandwich panel method as EMPL “Fire-Fighter Alu-Tech” has a 4,000 l water and 2,000 l foam tank. at its disposal The built-in fire extinguishing pump with high-pressure system TO 3000 at the rear can provide 3,000 l/min. at 10 bar or 250 l/min. at 40 bar. The CAN bus control station is also located at the rear.


The included instruments and loaded items make this TLF a first-class vehicle. The equipment includes, for example, a water cannon on the roof, an electric front canon at the front fender, a fast action system and an LED traffic guidance system at the rear, as well as a pneumatic lamp post  

(4 x 1,000 W), an infrared camera, and waste water pumps. In addition, the equipment rooms also contain an excess pressure venting device, toxic material protection overalls, respirators, 5-point masks with screw filters, analogue and digital portable two-way radios, and much more.