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In July 2008, the Regional Fire Brigade of Lower Austria put out a tender for 4 identical diving service vehicles with an option for additional vehicles. EMPL was chosen as the best bidder in this tender, because the Tyrolean super-structure manufacturer was best equipped to fulfil the high standards of these special vehicles.


The diving services in Lower Austria report directly to the Regional Association of Fire Brigades. The head of the Regional Fire Brigade, in cooperation with the regional commander of the diving services, gives the orders. The diving services’ responsibilities include the salvaging of goods, vehicles and other equipment from water as well as technical support services, searching for people, rescuing people, and safety work above and below the water.


High safety and quality standards

The diving service has an exceedingly challenging task. The work of a fire brigade diver is comparable to that of a heavy-duty manual worker. The standards for quality and safety of the equipment and the vehicles are therefore extremely high. This is not a luxury but a necessity to ensure safety. The EMPL brand represents an individual, specialist solution of the highest quality. It is therefore not surprising that EMPL won this tender.


The four diving groups (South, East, North and West) in Lower Austria can now enjoy their up-to-date showcase vehicles, which were delivered shortly before Christmas 2009 and which were officially handed over in the presence of Josef Buchta, the head of the Regional Fire Brigade.


Convincing technology

The four vehicles are based on MAN TGL 12.240 4x2 BL DOKA and implemented as EMPL "Fire-Fighter Alu-Tech" made of aluminium sandwich panels. Each of them is equipped with a respiratory air high-pressure compressor, a reversing camera, a cassette-type awning, a built-in 30 kVA power generator, a self-coiling, spring-loaded compressed air drum (12 m pair hose) and many other devices.


The walk-on roof is equipped with an inflatable boat and a roof cupboard for additional load. The integrated, environmental LED light provides sufficient illumination of the operating area.


The installed lift gate (1500 kg) eases loading and unloading of the four aluminium roller containers for diving bottles, diving suits, tent and lattice boxes. These containers were specially developed according to the requirements of the customer.


The Regional Fire Brigade of Lower Austria has been a loyal customer of EMPL for many years and appreciates their open approach towards special requests. The fire brigades involved are excited about their EMPL diving services vehicles.