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The decision was finalised at the end of 2009: by the end of 2010, EMPL will supply 12 identical, heavy rescue vehicles to the police ministry in Vietnam responsible for fire-fighting.


Since 2007, EMPL had been trying to sell its rescue-vehicle expertise in the South-East Asian market, using local agents and the automotive industry. However, success was delayed until the end of 2009, mainly due to a pricing disadvantage compared with local Asian manufacturers.


Interest in Western technology

The breakthrough came in 2009. A Vietnamese resident in Germany contacted EMPL to indicate an interest in Western technology. It soon became clear that the customer was interested only in a European product, but was not yet aware of his specific needs.


Reference offer

So, about nine month ago, EMPL produced a reference offer. After long negotiations, a strong personal relationship and great flexibility finally won and the Austrian manufacturer managed to secure an order.


In this particular case, a Renault chassis was selected, for cost and after-sales reasons. (Renault is well positioned in Vietnam.) Equipment and fittings were reduced to optimise the cost-benefit ratio, but the quality remained the same.


The vehicles nevertheless contain more than 100 pieces of equipment, all produced in Europe or the USA.



The technical inspection of the 12 heavy rescue vehicles took place as planned at the German EMPL plant in Elster at the end of 2010. The vehicles were then shipped and are now on the way to the North-Vietnamese port of Hai Phong. From there, they will be distributed to the various fire brigades.


Training of the operating personnel will be performed on site by a member of the EMPL after-sales staff.


Possible follow-up contracts

Good co-operation has led to negotiations with EMPL for 10 additional heavy rescue vehicles and 5 HAZMAT (hazardous substance) vehicles.