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The fire brigade vehicle manufacturer Empl sent out invitations to the Heroes’ Day celebrations in Kaltenbach on the 14.-15th of October. As this year is the tenth anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks in the USA and as 2011 is also the European Year of Volunteering, this Zillertal family business, in which 25% of all staff members do voluntary work for various organisations, decided to hold a very special event – the EMPL Heroes’ Day celebrations.


What would the Heroes' Day celebrations be without someone who has really risked his life to help his fellow citizens? This is why EMPL invited New York fireman Richard Picciotto to speak, for the first time in Europe, about the most dramatic hours of his life, when he saved more than 1,000 lives.



This week, in line with the motto “The job is hard enough – make it easier”, EMPL presented the latest technologies that make it easier for fire-fighters worldwide to do a good job. This includes, for example, the fully automated CAN H.I.T. pump control system and the new “HLF 1” rescue vehicle, which can also be driven with a Category B driving licence.


This attracted approximately 1,500 visitors to Kaltenbach, starting with the Austrian Federal Minister for the Interior, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, and the president of the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association, Josef Buchta. There were also representatives from the emergency services, such as the state police chief, Helmut Tomac, the Red Cross divisional head for rescue and catastrophe services, Heinz Wolf. Prominent personalities from industry included the president of the WKT, Jürgen Bodenseer, the president of the IVT, Dr Reinhard Schretter, the president of the AKT, Erwin Zangerl and among the political figures were deputy governor Toni Steixner, federal MP Franz Hörl, state MP Josef Geisler and state MP and mayor, Klaus Gasteiger. In total, 16 nations were represented, including the highest-ranking decision-makers from the fire brigade and civil defence sectors. Guests from China, Brazil, Gabon, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Estonia, Russia, Luxembourg, France, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, etc. all gathered in Kaltenbach to hear the moving presentation and to learn about EMPL’s latest achievements.


On the second day of the event, EMPL welcomed a large number of fire-fighters and interested parties from Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol.


It was a unique and highly successful event, with the Zell Tourism School providing services both at the VIP evening and at the open day.


EMPL: Where the exception is the rule!