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Empl has once again succeeded in writing a new chapter in the history of the company’s fire-fighting vehicles. The new vehicle design HLF 1 (Hilfeleistungsfahrzeug, or “rescue support vehicle”) was developed together with the Lower Austria state fire department.


The superstructure sits on an Iveco Daily 50C17 4x2 with a total weight of 5.5 tonnes. The van has sliding doors on both sides and offers room for a crew of 1+8. The rear loading compartment slides out, making it easily and quickly accessible via a separate tailboard.



The integrated 400-L extinguisher tank is filled through an intake protruding from the side with an automatic level regulator. A tank heater can be installed as an option. The rapid-deployment hose reel is electrically operated and has a 30-metre high-pressure hose and a nozzle. The fire-extinguishing pump, at a pressure of 100L/40 bar, is operated by the auxiliary drive and protected against overheating with a pressure valve.



The equipment room of the new HLF 1 is designed in an innovative and robust way. Stored inside the vehicle is a roller container, with a dead man’s brake and lifting brackets, as well as pallet-sized forklift slots – deliverable in a wide variety of equipment versions. Loose parts can be secured without a problem using the lashing rails. To their right is the rapid-deployment equipment, along with CAN Bus Comfort operator platform. To their left is an extendable sliding tool panel with foam equipment.



CAN Bus Comfort controls with colour display are integrated in the rear of the vehicle as well as in the instrument panel in the operator cabin. It enables rapid and clear operation of all electrical components and alarms, as well as the pump.



The large crew cabin has comfortable benches, under which are stored hose materials, breathing apparatuses, instruments for managing water, small fire extinguishers, and hand tools. The benches are secured to the storage compartment with a locking bar to prevent unexpected opening. Three comfort-safety-breathing apparatus racks are mounted on the front wall and are suitable for all typical breathing tank systems.



The tailboard can hold 500 kg and is hinged in the middle horizontally for ease of stowing. This allows the hatch to be opened effortlessly for rapid-deployment equipment without needing to open the tailboard.  The tailboard comes standard with RF and cable remote-control operation. The vehicle’s underbody guard comes equipped with a trailer coupling.



All of the vehicle’s interior and exterior lighting uses LED technology, thus ensuring optimal vision even under adverse conditions.


At a total weight of 5.5 tonnes, the vehicle can be driven with a Class B driving licence, with supplemental examination.


EMPL: Advantage through progress!