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Empl has recently delivered 2 special vehicles to China. One pump and one hose-laying vehicle of exceptional size were handed over to the end customer. Specialised and detailed solutions were included!


The Empl brand represents creativity, innovation and implementation strength in the construction of special vehicles. The family-owned company has already applied these strengths on several occasions in the difficult Chinese market. It is particularly well known for a double-headed tunnel fire-fighting vehicle. Two of these "Doublehead" vehicles have been delivered to Shanghai and are successfully being used there.


Now two additional special vehicles have been completed: a pump vehicle as well as a hose-laying vehicle in the super class. Both vehicles were based on a MAN TGS 33.440 6x4 BB chassis. Together they allow for water uptake from rivers and lakes, using a submersible pump attached to a crane, and can transport the water over 2 km, using a rotary pump powered by an auxiliary drive. The main reason for this development contract was the fact that water sources in the south of China are often difficult to access. Direct filling of fire-fighting vehicle tanks or direct water uptake is often impossible. Furthermore, the water often has to be transported over long distances.



The vehicle has 4 coils made of galvanised steel, each of which holds a total of 500 metres of 8-inch hose. The first 100 metres of hose are uncoiled with the aid of an electrical motor controlled by a manual remote control unit. Thereafter, the weight of the hose on the ground is used to uncoil the rest of the hose. Driving speeds of up to 20 km/h are possible. A pressure roller removes air and water from the hose during the coiling process. A platform mounted at the back allows the crew to operate the control elements while the vehicle is moving.


Several spotlights (work floodlights, search floodlights, additional floodlights, etc.) are installed on the superstructure as well as the cabin. A reverse-driving camera provides additional visibility. A storage container mounted on the side provides space for tools, fire extinguishers and storage boxes for small parts.



The MAN M Cab driver cabin of the pump vehicle, in contrast with that of the hose-laying vehicle, was replaced by an Empl MOD Tech system cabin that includes 4 additional seat modules. Two low-lying equipment compartments with shelves and empty compartments with storage boxes behind the crew cabin provide storage of all the equipment supplied with the vehicle. LED interior lighting ensures optimal illumination.


Holders for the submersible pump as well as the supply hose are attached behind the equipment compartments. The submersible pump is operated from the pump control panel on the right side of the vehicle and driven by a separate 175 kW diesel engine. Two additional winches with 30 m steel cable make it possible to lift the suction hose out of the water and generally secure the pump.


The main pump, which is arranged behind the submersible pump, is an NP 10.000 low-pressure pump that was adapted to the maximum flow rate of the submersible pump. The PK 15.500 loading crane at the rear of the vehicle, in combination with a cable winch (25 m cable), makes it possible to lift and lower the submersible pump.

Environmental lighting, platform lighting and a search floodlight facilitate accurate, safe and organised work. An optical reverse-driving system provides additional safety.


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