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The Empl company has recently supplied the national earthquake authority in Beijing with five support vehicles for carrying specialized heavy-duty rescue equipment to earthquake-devastated areas.


As a result of various special requests, which resulted in a requirement for a technically highly complex vehicle, Empl ultimately emerged as the supplier of choice. After years of investigation of requirements and the preparation of various proposals, the vehicle specification was finalized. The client placed great emphasis on quick, simple and intuitive unloading of the specialized equipment, as well as its ruggedness and the longest possible service life while operating under catastrophic conditions.


Since the vehicles have to overcome the most extreme conditions, such as mud, rubble and floodwater, in order to reach their operating location, the Mercedes U 4000 extreme all-terrain vehicle was chosen as the carrier.



The superstructure is a roof-over drop-side box design, specially developed to comply with the customers’ requirements. Opening of the lower flap, which also provides generous access for safe unloading, allows the upper part to cross over the vehicle automatically, by means of knee levers and servo-assistance, and thus provide access to the whole of the load on one side of the vehicle with one manipulation.



The vehicles are equipped with a side-mounted Rotzler Treibmatic winch with a tractive force of 5 t (constant forward pull). In addition, a GPS communication set with special laptop holder is designated for the driving cab.


The fitted generator is sound-insulated and can be operated independently of the vehicle’s engine. Apart from electrically powered equipment such as demolition breakers, floodlights and cutters, it also supplies the special light tower, which is equipped with ambient lighting and (xenon) searchlights.



The vehicles are comprehensively equipped with hydraulic rescue equipment with heavy-load support systems, various cutting and drilling tools, pneumatic rescue and lifting equipment, protective equipment for the rescue workers, equipment for administering first aid, and various items of equipment for rescuing patients and for personnel safety. Furthermore, the vehicles are equipped with highly sensitive measurement and detection instruments, to search for missing persons. When selecting load locations, Empl placed great importance on providing equipment that has a long service life and is effortless to unload under continuous working conditions.


As a result of the exceptionally positive working relationship, Empl is now in great demand with earthquake authorities in China.


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