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During the 20th International Fire Brigade Rally at Klopeiner See, chief organiser and Empl sales partner Josef Rumpold and his team achieved a new world record for the largest water wall created by a modified hydro-shield.


The world record involved 16 fire brigades of the Völkermarkt district as well as the Puch and Poggernsdorf voluntary fire brigades. A total of 16 Empl portable power hoses of the Tornado TS 15/10 type were used. Their operators had to control them with extreme accuracy and keep them completely synchronised.



The basis for the world record was a modified hydro-shield that was provided with 21 attached B-type multi-purpose steel pipes and supplied with 16 800l of water per minute at a minimum of 10 bar. The result was a water wall measuring 1 800 m², which justified an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Empl congratulates all participants and thanks them for their personal commitment!


EMPL: Where the extraordinary is the rule!