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The Wiener Neustadt voluntary fire brigade carries out an average of 1,500 missions per year in the course of its service to the public. The new, ultra-modern, heavy-duty fire engine made by EMPL, which has recently been handed to the team of the Wiener Neustadt voluntary fire brigade, will be involved in about 1,000 of these missions.


Empl managed to win an EU-wide tender based on excellent peformance in the past, when an exchange platform vehicle had been successfully delivered.


A Volvo FMX 380 4x4 chassis, which had originally been developed for heavy-duty building-site traffic, was used for the fire-fighting superstructure of the heavy-duty fire engine.




The equipment superstructure is made of polymer-coated aluminium sandwich panels and is suspended by a torsion-free, four-point connection on a dip-galvanised basic steel frame.

Equipment compartments are provided on the right and left, each closed off by two solid, powder-coated Empl aluminium roller-shutters that are dust- and waterproof. All roller-shutters are provided with self-tensioning closing straps. LED light strips provide sufficient interior lighting. Deep equipment compartments are provided to the right and left between the front and the rear axles. They include underfloor flaps that can be folded down and used as stepping platforms. The rear equipment compartments are easily accessible via fold-out fenders. The roof can be walked on by using an aluminium ladder that is attached on the passenger side and also includes a roof box with integrated LED lighting.

The fire-fighting equipment includes a ventilation/extraction device, immersion pumps, Greifzug set, hydraulic rescue equipment with aggregate and accessories, sealing material, initial fire-fighting equipment, lighting devices and cable drums, electrical devices, digging tools, various lifting tackles, a 30 kVA installed generator, lifting cushion, hygiene board, rescue platform and an inflatable boat.

The light mast can be pneumatically rotated and swivelled, has 8 LED spotlights and can be controlled remotely. The vehicle also has a winch of 50 kN tractive force installed in a frame and an 18 m.t rear crane with 5-fold extension and crane winch.


Brief technical description:

Chassis:                           Volvo FMX 380 4x4

Pollution class:                 EURO 5

Motor power:                   380 HP /280 kW

Track:                               4,000 mm

Permitted total weight:   19,000 kg

Gearbox:                         PT 2606 Powertronic 6-gear


Fire-fighting Superstructure

“Fire-Fighter ALU-Tech”

Crew: 1+2

Superstructure: Fire-Fighter ALU-Tech sandwich panels

Winch:               Rotzler Treibmatic TR030/6 FIRE

Crane:               Palfinger PK 18002 EH

                          Hydraulic lifting boom

Light mast:        8 Hella Power Beam AS2000 24 V/43 W



·  Ventilation and extraction device

·  Immersion pumps

·  Pulley set

·  Hydraulic rescuing equipment with aggregate

·  Sealing material

·  Electrical devices

·  Initial-fire-fighting equipment

·  Lighting devices and cable drums

·  Accessories for hydraulic rescuing equipment

·  Switch cabinet for generator

·  Digging tools

·  Hygiene board pull-out

·  30 kVA installed generator

·  Reverse-driving camera

·  Roof box

·  LED blue light strip

·  LED environmental lighting

·  LED equipment compartment

·  LED flashing lights on standing platforms


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