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In February, the new equipment trolley logistics system with crane was officially handed over to the voluntary fire brigade of Stadt Cham e.V.  This vehicle replaces the obsolete equipment trolley logistics system dating back to 1981, which had been deployed over 2,500 times.


It was a special challenge not to exceed a body height of 3.5 metres, due to the low clearance height of the fire station, while at the same time placing the vehicle onto a 4x4 chassis. Ultimately, a body height of 3.4 metres was achieved by Empl, using a MAN TGS 18.320 chassis with HydroDrive.



The vehicle has a platform body with aluminium side walls and a sliding tarpaulin frame, as well as an electrohydraulic loading wall at the rear with a load capacity of 2,000 kg. Behind the driver's cabin is a 18 mto truck-loading crane with a 6-stage extension and a built-in cable winch with a load capacity of 2,300 kg and 60 metres of cable. Power and hydraulic connections have been laid up to the tip of the crane arm at a distance of 17 metres.


Below the platform body, between the axles, there are two equipment storage spaces on the right and left side respectively, with aluminium roller shutters and integrated LED lighting. This is where the bolt cutter, first-aid box, transport kit, traffic safety devices, traffic beacons and beacon lights are kept. The switch cabinet of the 17 kVA built-in generator is also housed here.


The following are stored on the platform: oil binder, brooms, shovels, etc. for everyday use; logistics equipment for supplies of hoses, sludge aspirators, IBCs, overpacks, oil cleanup equipment; additional crane equipment such as the rescue basket, barrel and scissor-type grippers, etc., various trolleys with specific rescuie equipment and a rescue platform are stored.


A special highlight is the light beam, which is equipped with 4 floodlights and boasts a total light output of 200,000 lumen of halogen lights and the crane mounting.



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