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The family-owned Zillertal company has once again managed to draw on its strengths in industrial design. Several special-purpose vehicles were recently handed over to Securitas Fire Control & Service GmbH and to Munich University of Technology.


At the end of 2012, Empl was awarded a contract for several industrial fire-fighting vehicles by well-known major companies such as BASF, Audi, Securitas and Munich University of Technology. Some of these vehicles were recently handed over to the customers.



The traditional chemical production site, now known as ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen, is home to approximately 360 companies with 11,000 employees. Among the services provided to lease-holder companies is the site's own fire-fighting service. This has been operated by Securitas since 1995. To optimise their vehicle fleet, Empl recently delivered 3 ULFs to the Bitterfeld fire-fighting service. Four other vehicles will follow by 2018.


2 universal fire-fighting vehicles 2000/1000/1000/480/60

The two ULFs have been mounted on MAN TGS 26.400 6x2-2 BL chassis and have an Empl crew compartment with MOD-Tech construction, with 4 PA holders. The Empl Fire-Fighter Alu-Tech 2000 body has been fitted with an electrically operated canopy above the G2 and G4 level. The fitted Empl FPN 10/6000 pump is supplied by a 2,000-litre water tank and a 2 x 1,000-litre foam tank, as well as a 480 kg CO2 system. The CO2 system can be removed with a fork-lift and is thus easily refilled. A world innovation is the built-in axle-weighing system, which permanently monitors the current content of the CO2 system. An additional 60 kg CO2 system can be removed with a trolley. A radio-controlled water/foam launcher with a capacity of 4000/1000 litres and a pneumatic lifting device have been mounted on the roof of the vehicles and can also be controlled from the driver's cabin.


"Scorpio" extinguishing arm vehicle

The Empl "Scorpio" extinguishing arm vehicle has been mounted on a MAN TGS 26.440 6x2-2 BL chassis and has a 2,000-litre water tank, 2 x 1,000-litre foam tanks, a 500 kg powder extinguisher system and an Empl NP 6000 FPN 10/6000 built-in pump. An aluminium extinguishing arm has been mounted on the vehicle, which can also be used as a crane. It has a reach of 25 metres and can be automatically set up within 130 seconds, with an infinite swivel capacity of 360°. The launcher at the tip can be turned by 90° at full extension and has a video and thermal imaging camera. It has a capacity of 4,000 litres. The extinguishing arm also has a 1,300 kg winch and a load hook at the mast tip, with weight monitoring for a work basket. A quadruple support can be vertically extended, with permanent monitoring of the support pressure, the wind speed and the recoil force of the launcher to ensure optimal safety. The vehicle has also been fitted with a 1,200-litre launcher at the front.



The HLF 20 for Munich University of Technology is mounted on a Scania 4x4 chassis with a CrewCab and has 4 Empl Eagle respirator holders. The body has been built in the Empl Fire Fighter ALU-Tech manner. There are three equipment compartments with roller shutters and two deep equipment compartments with underfloor flaps on each side that can also be used as stepping platforms. All lighting makes use of LED technology. The vehicle has a 2000-litre fire-fighting-water tank as well as two foam tanks with 100 and 200 litres of fire-fighting foam and an Empl NP 3000 FPN 10/3000 fire-fighting pump installed at the rear. A CAFS compressed-air foam system has been installed as well. A roof box and a combined branch deflector made of stainless steel are located on the roof. The roof can be accessed from the rear of the vehicle by using an aluminium ladder with a crossing platform and stepping protection. The light mast has 6 LED headlights with 2000 lumen each. A 30 kVA built-in power generator with a hydrostatic drive completes the vehicle.



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