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This family-owned company in Zillertal has again managed to show its strength in special vehicle construction. The company recently delivered Austria's first HLF 1 (Support Vehicle 1) on a 5.5 t MB Sprinter with permanent all-wheel drive to the Klingfurth Voluntary Fire Brigade.


The superstructure concept was implemented on an MB Sprinter 519 CDI with permanent all-wheel drive and a permitted total weight of 5.5 t. The van has sliding doors on both sides and offers space for a crew of 1+5. The rear load is mounted on pull-out drawers and is easily and quickly accessible due to a divided loading platform.



A 400 L extinguishing water tank is integrated into the vehicle. The quick-deployment system consists of a 30 m C42 hose and a hollow-stream nozzle. The fire-extinguishing pump, which provides 600 L at 10 bar, is powered by an auxiliary drive. A CAN bus controller with colour display is integrated at the rear and on the dashboard in the driver's cabin. It is clearly arranged and facilitates quick handling of all electrical units and warnings as well as the pump.



The equipment compartment of the HLF 1 is innovative and rugged. A roller container with dead man's brake and crane eyelets is stored in the middle of the vehicle. To the right of it is the rapid-deployment equipment, including the CAN control panel, while to the left of it are pull-out storage drawers to hold digging tools. A-type suction hoses are stored at the top of the equipment room. A multi-purpose ladder is mounted on the roof.



The large crew compartment has comfortable seating benches with bar locks and contains hose material, breathing protection, water fittings, small fire-fighting equipment and hand-tools. Three comfort/safety holders for breathing protection are installed in the driving direction. They are suitable for all common bottle systems. The crew compartment also contains a command table and continuous walk-on surfaces from the driver's cabin to the crew compartment.



The loading platform can be folded horizontally down the middle and has a carrying capacity of 500 kg This allows easy opening of the rear door to access all rapid-deployment equipment without opening the loading platform. The vehicle is equipped with a trailer coupling.



The lighting of the entire vehicle inside and outside uses LED technology and therefore guarantees optimal visual conditions. The vehicle also has a pneumatically extending light mast with four LED floodlights.



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