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Many years of business contacts and very positive collaboration have provided Empl with several orders from Kuwait. Several special vehicles for the Kuwait Oil Company and the Kuwait Fire Department have recently been handed over to the customer.


The emirate has been a loyal Empl customer for several decades.




 Lighting superstructure

A total of four lighting superstructures on MAN TGM 13.240 BB 4x4 chassis were delivered to the Kuwait Oil Company. The vehicles are equipped with a box body and each has a built-in 40 kVA generator, a roller gate on each side and a double door at the rear.

Each vehicle also has two pneumatically extendible light masts installed, each with six 230V LED spotlights providing 7,200 lumen per spotlight.


Foam Tanker

An additional set of six foam tank vehicles were handed to the KOC. Three units with a capacity of 13,625 litres each are mounted on Volvo FM 400 6x4 chassis, while three units with a capacity of 22,715 litres each are mounted on Volvo FM 480 8x4 chassis. The proportional mixing system is a special feature of these vehicles. Each outlet can be separately supplied with water or foam. The proportional mixing rate for foam mode can be adjusted between 1.3 and 6%. In addition, 1%, 3% or 6% foaming agent can be mixed proportionally at each outlet. The vehicles do not have their own water pumps, being supplied only through the hydrant water network.




Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV)

Empl has recently handed over four RIVs on Ford F-350 Super Duty chassis to the Kuwait Fire Department. The strongly motorised, rapid-intervention vehicles can reach the site of deployment fast.


The superstructure is based on a specially developed corrosion-free, all-aluminium skeleton with five powder-coated roller shutters. Several drawers are provided for the generator, high-pressure fire-fighting system, respirators, high-pressure rescue devices/systems as well as additional loading.


The walk-on roof has a roof box for tools with long handles and an extension ladder.


Breathing Protection Vehicles (BPV)

In addition, two breathing protection superstructures on Volvo FM 330 4x4 chassis were delivered to the Kuwait Fire Department. A noise-insulated 40 kVA generator is installed on vibration-damping elements between the driver's cabin and the superstructure. The superstructure has a respiratory air compressor with four filling connections. Both sides of the superstructure are equipped with two aluminium roller gates and a hinged door is installed at the rear, with another on the driver's side. The passenger side has a large ventilation flap that can also be used for maintenance purposes. The vehicles also have a walk-on roof with an extension ladder, a weather-protection canopy, a light-mast, a control room, a workbench and an electrical winch, as well as extensive accessories such as an automatic respirator, breathing protection masks, etc.


Large Pump Water Tenders (LPWT)

Three LPWTs on Volvo FM 440 8x4 chassis with a capacity of 27,240 litres of water and 500 litres of foam each were delivered to the Kuwait Fire Department. The fire-fighting water pump has a capacity of 2,300 litres/ min. at 8 bar and 3 m aspiration height. The roof of the vehicle contains a combined water/foam monitor with a self-priming, heavy foam pipe extension. The proportional mixing rate can be selected between 1% and 6%.


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