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At this year's Interschutz in Hanover – 8th to 13th June – EMPL once again displayed their special importance. Over a floor space of more than 500 m², the individual lorry superstructure manufacturer presented six fire brigade vehicles specially designed for particular operating conditions. Among them, the radically rethought and redesigned highlight vehicle Empl Primus.


EMPL – with locations in Austria and Germany – is the leading European producer of individually built special lorry bodies of highest quality for fire brigades, the commercial vehicle industry and security forces. Every vehicle is perfectly adapted to customer's needs and the realities of the market.


For more than 60 years, the name EMPL has stood for needs-based, solutions-oriented vehicle superstructures. Flexibility, speed, professionalism and motivation have been the key factors in meeting our customers' expectations with a team of highly qualified employees.



Of particular interest at Interschutz 2015 was the highlight vehicle Empl Primus. The vehicle was introduced for the first time at Interschutz 2015 and gave rise to some lively conversation.

Furthermore, the Austrian superstructure manufacturer presented attractive special solutions in terms of fire-fighting vehicles, industrial fire-fighting vehicles and equipped fire engines. Numerous new technologies and ideas have been incorporated into the featured products.


BASF Minden Industrial Fire Engine ILF 3000/1000

Empl has established itself internationally in recent years as the preferred partner and supplier in the industrial fire-fighting field. Renowned major companies like Audi, Securitas, ThyssenKrupp, Kuwait Oil Company, Qatar Gas, Sinopec China, OMV and Borealis trust in the quality of Empl products. This has been confirmed once again with an impressive major contract from BASF, which is currently being processed at Empl.


BASF Minden’s vehicle on show has an FPN 10-6000 pump, a pump & roll function and an extensive special equipment. The modern special fire-fighting vehicle was manufactured using Empl's MOD-Tech 2 construction method and consists of three different, independent modules. The crew cabin has pneumatically retractable, illuminated steps and is equipped with four EMPL-Eagle respirator holders. Between the seats, facing the driving direction, there is a shelving system for a coolbox, radios, an explosimeter, escape hoods, hand lamps, a thermal imager, fireman's safety lines, a comprehensive first-aid backpack, casualty bag, blankets etc. Inside the cab, there is the CAN bus "SMART" unit operated via a screen.


The industrial fire-fighting vehicle carries a 3,000 L water tank, a 1,000 L foam tank, a built-in 30 kVA power generator, a pneumatically extendible, tilting and swivelling light-mast with six xenon spotlights, a pivoting street-washing spray-bar, a 4000/2000 roof monitor and a hose reel with 20 m of flat hose.


At the rear, behind a roller-shutter, are a customised pump control panel, two one-man reels and a retractable inclined rear access ladder (access lit by a glare-free LED strip).


An electric ladder-lowering device for two multi-purpose ladders, a four-part scaling ladder and four suction hoses are transported on the roof.


“Scorpio” HRET Vehicle 

Several vehicles in the industrial sector were also delivered to the Securitas Fire Control & Service GmbH. The vehicle presented at Interschutz carries a custom-built assembly with a special high-reach extendible turret.


The Empl “Scorpio” HRET vehicle is built on a MAN TGS 26.440 6x2-2 BL chassis and has a 2,000-litre water tank, 2 x 1,000-litre foam tanks, a 500 kg powder fire-fighting system, and an Empl NP 6000 FPN 10-6000 built-in pump.


Mounted on the vehicle, there is an aluminium HRET extending 25 metres, which can be also be used as a crane, can be assembled or dismantled automatically in 130 seconds, and can be rotated 360° continuously. The jet nozzle at the tip can be rotated at full extension by 90°, carries a thermal imaging and video camera, and has a capacity of 4,000 litres/min. In addition, the HRET carries a 1300 kg winch and a hook on the boom tip with weight monitoring for a working cage.


Four vertically downwards extendible supports with permanent monitoring of the supporting pressure, wind speed and reaction forces exerted by the jet nozzle guarantees optimum safety. A 1,200-litre/min. front jet nozzle is also installed on the vehicle.


LF FF Söll Fire Engine

The fire-fighting vehicle is mounted on an MAN TGL 8.250 4x2 BL chassis and is equipped with a limited-slip differential gearbox on the rear axle. The vehicle was delivered with larger tyres instead of the standard tyres to achieve better ground clearance. The entire equipment superstructure with integrated crew compartment was built with the proven Empl Fire-Fighter ALU-Tech system made of aluminium profiles. Torsional flexing of the chassis is possible without limitation.


The vehicle offers space for a crew of 1+8 (1+1+3+4). The undersides of the seats are device compartments, all of which are secured with Empl bar-lock systems. The interior lighting of the crew compartment with its integrated blue anti-glare facility is based on LEDs. The crew compartment has electric doors with panoramic glazing for optimal safety. Climbing in and out is therefore easy, even in very tight spaces such as narrow streets in old cities and tunnels, as the distance between the opening door and the vehicle body is only a few centimetres. The bus doors have an additional safety lock, an emergency operation function and a sliding window that can be locked in any position. The crew compartment has three Empl-Eagle respirator holders with a mechanical safety opening integrated into the seat. The grip rods and the steps have integrated LED lighting.


The device compartment superstructure is equipped with height-adjustable aluminium compartments with C-rails. Smooth anodised aluminium was used for the interior structure instead of embossed steel plates. The equipment compartments on the left and right, as well as at the rear, are sealed against dust and water by electrically operated EMPL covering aluminium roller-shutters. The roller shutters and the bus door can be opened by means of illuminated push-buttons and are vandal-proof. The roller-shutters extend down to the bottom of the deep storage compartment and are cut to fit the shape. Free-standing bridges are therefore unnecessary.


The portable pump is mounted on an aluminium drawer supported on roller bearings. Aluminium drawers for various digging tools are located above the portable pump. An overpressure venting device has been positioned on a rotatable element in the lower floor area. The water fittings are located on a rotatable extension wall. The vehicle also has a suction point box with an integrated seat.


The roof above the entire body is walkable on a single level and can be reached via an access ladder that is mounted at the rear and can be folded down at an angle. The roof gallery has integrated LED proximity lighting as well as lighting for the roof area. A two-section sliding ladder and a roof-box with gas telescope holder for the lid and integrated LED internal lighting are installed on the roof. The vehicle has a pneumatically extending and electrically turning and swivelling LED light-mast. The light-mast can be completely lowered into the vehicle and closes flush with the roof with the aid of a cover with a pneumatic cylinder. The vehicle can easily and safely be operated using the EMPL CAN bus “SMART” operating unit with a 7-inch colour display. A traffic control unit based on LED technology is mounted at the rear. The vehicle has a self-coiling cable and compressed air hose reel, a reversing camera, a manoeuvring spotlight, a search spotlight and additional extras.


RW-K  FF Murnau am Staffelsee Rescue Vehicle with Crane

For technical operations, EMPL presented interesting new ideas. The RW-K Murnau, produced as an EMPL "fire-fighter ALU-tech" in aluminium sandwich panel construction on a MAN 18.340 4x4 BB, is optimally equipped for any kind of technical assistance.


The construction is made of plastic-coated aluminium sandwich panels and torsion-free on a hot-dip galvanised steel base frame 4-point stored. Left and right are dust- and waterproof completed the device with three massive, powder-coated EMPL aluminium roller-shutters. All roller-shutters are fitted with self-tensioning pull straps. LED strip lights ensure sufficient interior lighting. Left and right, between the front and rear axles, arranged per two unit deep spaces with under floor covers, which are usable in the folded down as free-standing bridges. The rear unit rooms are easily accessible via hinged fender. A fully automatic loading crane HIAB X HiPro 192 type located at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle also has a Rotzler Treibmatic winch type TR080/6 with rope pull-out backwards and forwards.


The roof is accessible via a passenger-side mounted ladder and has two roof boxes with integrated LED illumination, a multi function head, a rescue boat with ice rescue platform and a pike pole. The EMPL Function light-mast with 8 LED lights guarantees both proximity and directed illumination.


To the fire defence loading belongs a tool sliding wall, a retractable work bench with vice, a hygiene board, self-winding compressed air and cable drum, lighting kit, hydraulic rescue set, 30 kVA power generator, plasma cutters, rescue platform, etc.


RF-A FF Ellmau Rescue Vehicle

The FF Ellmau vehicle presented at Interschutz was part of a public call for tender of the country fire association – Landesfeuerwehrverband Tyrol concerning 5 fire engines, which was won by EMPL. The contract includes a RF-A Mercedes-Benz Unimog and 4-off RF-A man with double cabin for the municipalities of Hopfgarten, Kössen, Prutz and Innsbruck. FF Ellmau's imposing vehicle with all-wheel drive is mounted on a Unimog U5000 double cab and designed for heavy off-road use.


The construction is made of plastic-coated aluminium sandwich panels and is mounted torsion-free on a hot-dip galvanized steel base frame 4-point. Thus, no additional stresses occur during operations in difficult terrain. The lower centre of gravity leads to more stable handling characteristics. At the rear, the vehicle rather than a liftgate has a rear lift, which closes off the rear unit room – in the two roll containers side by side. Thus, an angle of 35° at the rear could be achieved. Left and right of the superstructure are two unit rooms, which are closed by shutters with Barlock lock, integrated hand protection and self-tensioning pull straps.


Furthermore the upgrade vehicle comes with a winch, pneumatically retractable platforms for generators and hydraulic rescue equipment, as well as the EMPL function light-mast with 8 LED spotlights. At the rear there are a LED rear warning system with text and guiding function, a rear-view camera including microphone and speakers, and a distance measurement system with optical and acoustic displays.


HLF 20 FF Stockstadt Recue Pumper

Stockstadt's HLF 20 was the Highlight vehicle of EMPL at Interschutz 2015. What is most striking is the completely newly developed design style, with attractive dynamic tracing all along the line. In addition to the proven and well known advantages of the EMPL quality, the PRIMUS carries its convincing strong inner values with its sturdy-looking exterior:


  • the domed superstructure reduces air resistance and optimises visibility when driving, especially when manoeuvring.

  • The new, extremely robust panels are impressive with their dynamic lines and serve as shock & starting protection.

  • The special design significantly reduces the contamination of the building exterior, is designed to optimise the corrosion protection and represents a visual highlight.

  • Compared with conventional sheet metal structures the construction weight could be reduced far which allows an increase in the load.

  • If the design parts replacement is necessary due to accident damage, the extremely low cost of spare parts come to aid.

  • Through the use of industrial high-volume components, spare part availability can be guaranteed by over 30 years.

  • The universal inclusion of blue light can be fitted with all common variants of the blue light and integrates aesthetically into the overall concept of the vehicle. This is first and foremost the new integrated branch guard due to, in addition to the protection of the blue light system also visually convincing.

  • The "LED-complete lighting concept" ensures optimum illumination of the work area at the same time at low power consumption.

  • Maximum flexibility and ease of use are the foremost characteristics of the pumps operation: Display control H.I.T., analogue flowchart to AGBF.


FF Stockstadt's new HLF 20 is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis on EURO 6 base. The driver and team cabin is designed for a crew of 1+8 and 4 EMPL-Eagle respiratory equipment holders are included. In addition the crew compartment has a sunroof with tinted fibreglass (an equipment of the crew's quarters with air conditioning is possible). Made from fire-fighter aluminium sandwich panels, the structure features a 1,600 l water tank. At the rear are an NP 3000 – FPN 10-2000 low-pressure pump, a reel with 50 m pressure hose and electrical wind-up device, as well as two one-person reels. Controls run over the EMPL H.I.T. CAN bus system. All the lighting, including light-mast and traffic detection system, uses LED technology.


EMPL: Where the extraordinary is the rule!