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PRIMUS means the first and it is certainly the first of its kind. Its new styling and rugged, dynamic appearance clearly distinguish it from the other pump water tenders, standard fire-fighting vehicles and team-transport fire-fighting vehicles in its class.


The unique design optimally reflects the basic values of EMPL: reliability, functionality, individuality, long service life and safety.


PRIMUS - Uniquely Dynamic

The new PRIMUS by EMPL is characterised by many inner values that are also reflected in its powerful external appearance:


- The application-optimised superstructure concept ensures maximal operating comfort.


- The domed superstructure reduces air-resistance and optimises visibility during driving, in particular during manoeuvring.


- The new extremely rugged panels, impressive with their dynamic styling, are used for impact- and collision-protection.


- The special design significantly reduces the soiling of the superstructure skin, optimises corrosion-protection and provides a visual highlight.


- The superstructure weight could be drastically reduced in comparison with conventional metal sheet constructions, which allows an increase in payload.


- The use of industrial high-volume components makes it possible to guarantee spare parts availability for more than 30 years.


- The universal blue-light holder can be fitted with all common blue-light variants and aesthetically integrated into the overall concept of the vehicle.
This is primarily due to the new, integrated branch guard that protects the blue light and makes a good visual impression.


- The “All-LED lighting concept” ensures optimal illumination of the work area for minimal power consumption. This optimises active and passive safety.


- Maximum flexibility and ease of use are the foremost characteristics of the pump operating stations: H.I.T. display control, analogue flowchart to AGBF.

The first PRIMUS, an HLF 20 for the Stockstadt voluntary fire brigade, was presented at this year's Interschutz fair. The vehicle has an impressive new design as well as proven Empl quality.


HLF 20 team-transport fire-fighting vehicle for Stockstadt voluntary fire brigade

The new HLF 20 of the Stockstadt voluntary fire brigade is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Atego 1530 F chassis based on EURO 6.


The cabin for the driver and crew is designed for a team of 1+8. Four places are equipped with EMPL Eagle respirator holders. The crew compartment also has a sun-roof with a tinted glass pane. An air-conditioning system can be retrofitted at any time.


The superstructure is made of Alu-Tech sandwich panels. The water tank contains 1,600 litres. An NP 3000 – FPN 10/2000 low-pressure pump, a hose reel with 50 m pressure hose and electrical coiling facilities, and two single-person reels are located at the rear. A type-030/6 Treibmatic winch with cable remote control is mounted at the front.


Control is handled by the EMPL H.I.T CAN bus system. The entire illumination, including the light mast, the traffic warning system and the tank filling-level indicator, are implemented in LED technology.



  • New design – PRIMUS

  • CAN bus “SMART” control (with display)

  • Pump operating panel to AGBF

  • LED lighting concept (including tank level gauge and traffic warning system)

  • Crew compartment entrances can be pneumatically folded down

  • Four EMPL-Eagle respiratory protection seats

  • Electrical ladder-lowering device for standing ladder and three-part sliding ladder

  • Pressure hose power, 25 m self-take-up, with Delta box

  • Motor start-stop device for generators at the pump operator's console

  • Water tank heater

  • Heated rear-view camera with night vision and microphone

  • Hygiene board


The new “Primus” by EMPL:

It started with a strong concept – and turned out to be much better!