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Empl has recently provided the first municipalities with specially equipped fire engines that are part of a state tender in Tyrol. Quality, innovation and reliability convinced the Tyrolean state fire brigade.


Tyrol purchased Empl "heavy-duty fire-fighting vehicles" in 2001 and "light fire-fighting vehicles" in 2005. It is now again relying on proven Empl technology. Empl once again managed to convince the Tyrolean state fire brigade with a comprehensive total concept for the state tender for "fire-fighting engines with all-wheel drive". The entire tender currently includes 10 MAN vehicles as well as one Mercedes Unimog chassis with an Empl Fire-Fighter Alu-Tech superstructure.



The vehicles are based on a MAN TGS 13.290 4x4 BB chassis with double cabs. These are specially equipped for use in disaster-prone areas (flood regions, etc.) and therefore carry a wide range of equipment. The specially equipped fire engines have hydraulic rescuing equipment (spreaders, scissors, cylinders, etc.), a sliding tool wall and various swivel trays and stacking areas for equipment. A power generator and a quick-action reel with 50 m power cable have also been installed. The rear contains an equipment room with a loading platform that can hold two roller containers next to each other, incl. a rear warning system with an integrated traffic direction system.


A Rotzler Treibmatic TR030/6 frame-attached winch with 55 m cable towards the front and a nominal cable tension force of 50 kN have been installed in the vehicles.


The vehicles further have an Empl Function Light Mast that provides spot and area lighting at the same time as well as a walkable roof incl. 2 roof storage boxes.



This vehicle of the Ellmau voluntary fire brigade, which was presented at the Interschutz fair, is the only vehicle for the Tyrol state tender that is based on a Mercedes Benz Unimog chassis. The impressive vehicle with all-wheel drive belongs to the Ellmau fire brigade, is based on a Unimog U5000 with double cabin and was designed for use in difficult terrain.


The structure is made of plastic-coated aluminium sandwich panels and is mounted torsion-free at 4 points on a hot-dip-galvanized steel base frame. This means that no additional stresses occur during operation in difficult terrain. The lower centre of gravity results in more stable handling characteristics. The vehicle has a rear lift instead of a lifting platform. The lift can hold two roller containers next to each other and closes off the rear equipment compartment. Thus inclines of 35° can be maintained at the rear. On the left as well as the right side of the superstructure are 2 equipment rooms, which are locked by roller shutters, bar-lock systems, integrated hand protection and self-tightening fastening straps.


The specially equipped fire engine also has a winch, pneumatically lowerable pull-out trays for power generators, hydraulic rescuing equipment and an EMPL Function Light Mast with 8 LED spotlights. At the rear is the LED rear warning system with text and traffic routing function, a reversing camera incl. microphone and speaker, as well as a distance measuring system with acoustic and optical displays.



EMPL: A reliable and innovative partner for fire brigades!