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Empl has recently built a heavy towing and recovery vehicle based on a Volvo chassis with an Euro 6 aggregate for De Martini towing services.


The well-designed superstructure concept of the Empl Bisons has convinced well-known and leading towing companies all over the world, including De Martini, a company in Lauf that is a member of the Austrian Towing and Salvaging Association (VBA).



The recovery superstructure for De Martini was built on a Volvo FH 540 8x4L T-Ride EURO 6 chassis. Two hydraulic winches with flexible cables and respective towing strengths of 20 tonnes and 10 tonnes have been installed on the lifting arm. These are driven by hydraulic engines.


The stainless steel storage compartments have punched rails and are rubberised on the inside. The stacking space openings have swivel doors and extending flaps above the rear axles. The inside of the superstructure has swivelable stacking compartments for small parts, belts, etc. The slip-proof waling area on the stacking boxes is equipped with an additional railing.


The lighting and safety equipment includes a flyer with a light bar, flash lights, working spot-lights and lateral proximity lighting. Additional work spot lights are located on the flyer and at the rear of the vehicle. Additional positioning lights as well as two reversing cameras are located here. The vehicle also has a diesel-powered 10kVA emergency power generator.


About 3.2 tonnes of ballast weight in the driver's cabin shift the weight onto the two front axles during towing operations. The towing accessories include several lifting forks, bolts of different sizes, a tow bar, wheel lift, chains, hooks, round loops, shackles, mini lifting cushions, etc. The towing accessories are E-coated and lifting and bending cylinders are provided with corrosion-resistant special chromium plating.


The vehicle also houses a telescopic ladder, cable roller for lighting and an auxiliary equipment package that includes a crowbar, heavy hammer, bolt cutter, roller tray, oil binders, etc.



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