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The China Fire 2015 recently took place in Beijing for the 16th time; it is the largest international fire protection exhibition in the Asia/Pacific region. Empl, too, was represented on site with three special vehicles.


The exhibition area comprised some 70,000 m² and was used as a presentation platform for approximately 500 exhibitors from over 70 countries during the period from 20-23 October. Empl presented three vehicles from a varied range of fire-fighting applications.



The Empl "Scorpio" fire-fighting arm vehicle has been presented at China Fire 2015, is based on a MAN TGS 33.440 6x4 BB chassis and has a 12,000-litre fire-extinguishing agent tank with foam-adding facility and an Empl NP 6000 FPN 10/6000 internal pump. Mounted on the vehicle is an aluminium HRET, which extends by 25 metres, can be assembled or dismantled automatically in just a few seconds and can be continuously rotated by 360°. The launcher at the tip can be rotated at full extension by 90° and has a capacity of 4,000 litres. A quadruple support can be vertically extended, with permanent monitoring of the support pressure, the wind speed and the recoil force of the launcher to ensure optimal safety. Pump & roll operation is possible in order to increase the range of applications.



The exhibition vehicle is one of 5 vehicles which Empl delivered to the national earthquake office in Beijing. This vehicle is constructed on an Unimog base and was specially designed to transport heavy-duty special rescue equipment through earthquake-damaged regions.

The body is a roofed box body with folding walls, designed at the special request of the customer. The vehicle has a laterally mounted Rotzler Treibmatic rope winch with a traction capacity of 5 tonnes and a GPS communication system with a special laptop attachment in the driver's cabin. The permanently installed generator is sound-insulated and can be operated independently of the vehicle motor.

The vehicle also contains extensive hydraulic rescue equipment with heavy-duty prop systems, various cutting and drill equipment, pneumatic rescue and hoisting equipment, protective gear for rescue workers, first-aid equipment and various pieces of equipment used to rescue patients and ensure the safety of the crew. Highly sensitive measuring and detection equipment facilitates the search for missing persons.




The third vehicle at the exhibition is a large air-blower vehicle based on a Mercedes Benz Atego 1229 4x2 chassis. The vehicle has a rotatable and swivelable high-performance blower with an air movement capacity of 217,000 m³/h mounted at the rear. The blower is powered by a separate 109 HP diesel aggregate. The special equipment of the blower unit includes a water-spraying device with a transport volume of 280 l/min at 7 bar, a spiral hose system as well as a foam-generating system.

The superstructure was assembled from sandwich panels and includes 2 equipment rooms per vehicle side. The comprehensive equipment includes several portable high-performance blowers, special lighting equipment (light balloon on stand, high-performance halogen lamp, etc.), breathing protection devices, digging tools, traffic routing device, etc. The vehicle also has a pneumatically extending light mast with 4 x 42W Xenon floodlights.



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