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Empl presented the first vehicle of the new Primus superstructure line at Interschutz 2015. Various design versions and vehicles on different chassis have since been handed over to customers.


EMPL introduced the Primus as a new superstructure and design concept for fire-fighting vehicles, which builds on and supplements the existing “Firefighter Alu Tech” and “Firefighter Mod Tech” lines.



EMPL continues to build on the proven concept of three independent modules: The original driver’s cab of the lorry chassis, the crew compartment and the equipment compartment superstructure. These three modules ensure that the all-terrain capabilities of the vehicle remain unaffected and that torsional flexibility is retained. No major changes to the original cab are required and access to the drive system is easily possible by tilting.

The dimensions of the crew compartment depend on the superstructure and not on the driver's cab. The internal space is therefore very generous. New features of the crew compartment are the clear roof window, which can also be used to install an air-conditioning system, the optimised grip handles on the large crew compartment doors and the standard electrical window regulators.



The elegant design of the vehicle, with an aerodynamically shaped roof superstructure and special plastic side elements in the lower part of the superstructure, is completely new. The durable moulded plastic parts provide protection against impacts and optimise the corrosion-resistance of the superstructure.

LED light strips have been integrated into the roof superstructure for optimal floodlighting. One module each side is focused on the entrance area of the crew compartment.

The design includes a curved superstructure that gets narrower towards the top. This not only looks good but also reduces the air-resistance and increases the operator's viewing area while manoeuvering. The superstructure otherwise adheres to proven concepts and is implemented as an Alu-Tech sandwich construction with aluminium-covered panels and a honeycomb-type polypropylene core. Each device compartment is completely sealed by separating walls, as was the case with previous versions. Independent device compartments make internal cleaning of the superstructure simpler and even permit cleaning with a steam jet.

Fire brigades that have recently received a Primus include the voluntary fire brigades of Stockstadt, Sauerlach, St Andrä and Münster as well as several customers in the Arab region.



EMPL: Where the extraordinary is the rule!