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Fire-Fighting Vehicles
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Innovative modular construction comprising of 3 independently built modules:


  • Original HGV driver’s cab
  • EMPL "Alu Tech" crew cabin
  • EMPL “Alu Tech“ equipment storage area



  • No restrictions on torsional flexibility
  • Optimal use of cabin space in terms of width, length & height
  • Higher crew cabin doors & pneumatic fold away steps guarantee comfortable entrance and exit, even when wearing a breathing apparatus
  • 100% corrosion resistant, thus ensuring durability – 10-year guarantee!
  • Sound & thermal insulating panels
  • Reusable cabin & equipment body
  • Shorter delivery time as a result of series production


EMPL-EAGLE respiratory equipment holder:


Advantages of the new Eagle respiratory equipment holder:

  • Unlocking facility integrated into seat bench
  • Comfortable seat bench
  • Can be adapted to all bottle systems.
  • Straps can be hung over the side upholstery.
  • Folding backrest when used without the system 
  • Can also be used in the driving direction (linked to the vehicle parking brake)


Aluminium sandwich panels double-laminated with plastic:

  • Clean surface
  • High resistance against scratches and limescale deposits caused by water droplets
  • Easy to clean




EMPL roller shutters


The powder-coated roller shutters have been equipped with continuous glove detectors (as an anti-crushing device)


Self-tightening lashing straps

  • Prevents getting caught in fitted components


Swivel compartments on variably mountable stainless steel bearings with a plastic running tread


Swivel compartment lock with espagnolette bolt:

  • Proven construction
  • Extremely robust
  • Easily adjustable
  • Colour-coded turn-lock fastener


EMPL vehicle lighting concept:


LED equipment compartment lighting:

  • Even light yield from LED strips in the equipment storage space

LED environmental lighting:

  • Enormous luminosity

 External tank filling level display with LED:

  • Tank filling level can be seen from a distance
  • Also available for foam tank

 LED safety lights on free-standing platforms:

  • Very easy detection - even during the day
  • Robust construction


H.I.T. control unit from EMPL


The completly revised CAN-Bus System from EMPL "Human Interaction Technology" is the most simple and most secure way of operating a fire engine. The control is effected by means of a  fully-automated, self-monitoring system via a 7" LCD colour display with LED-backlight, located in the driver`s cabin and on the pump operation panel.


Advantages of the new H.I.T. control unit:

  • High operator convenience
  • Fast respond
  • Maximum safety
  • Short response times in case of failures and low service costs


New, state of the art, driver`s cab control unit


EMPL has developed a technological attractive colour display control panel. Installed in the driver`s cabin various functions can be activated centrally and fast.


Advantages of the new EMPL Can Bus SMART:

  • Basically all relevant functions can be activated through the new Empl Can Bus SMART
  • High user friendliness
  • Manual adjustment of display brightness to surround conditions
  • Combination with the chassis CAN-Bus system
  • Enhanced visualisation and monitoring of the control status
  • Easy to maintain
  • Multiple options for adjustment


The pump controls may also take the form of a rotary switch or push-button switch instead of a display panel.


A customer-specific operating panel can be created according to requirements; alternatively the pump control panels of existing vehicles may be copied (training advantage).


High-performance extinguisher arm with self-monitored safety system for industrial applications



  • Extinguisher arm extending to 25 m, completely made of aluminium
  • 360° infinite rotation
  • Automatic set-up and dismantling function (within 130 seconds)
  • 4000 l water/foam launcher
  • Video and thermal imaging camera on the launcher
  • Launcher can be turned 90° at full extension
  • Extinguishing arm can be additionally used as a crane (1,300 kg winch)
  • Load hook at the mast tip with weight monitor for work basket
  • Quadruple support within the vehicle contours (permanent monitoring of support pressure, wind speed and recoil force of the launcher).
  • Remote-controlled operation (emergency operation possible).


Bodies and components tested under difficult conditions


According to the company's philosophy of offering customers the best possible product for any application, EMPL gives priority to user safety! Empl vehicle bodies must function under extreme loads and may be comprehensively tested at the company's in-house test track for optimisation before the vehicle is handed over.


Vibration tests to check the holders and attachment of accessories and components as well as the diagonal, dynamic distortion of vehicles and their bodies are easily possible.

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