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automatic electronic levelling system for platform bodies


Newly developed hydraulic supports specifically designed and tested for the military sector.



  • Hydraulic supports with automatic levelling system
  • Horizontal adjustment of the vehicle in off-road use (various inclines in a longitudinal and horizontal direction can therefore be implemented in cooperation with the respective lorry manufacturers and slopes can be compensated for)
  • Can be individually adaped to all chassis types from two- to four-axle trucks and to all weight classes
  • Lifting power is variable - up to 18t per support unit

Provisional and battle damage maintenance


An electrical lifting roof has been specially designed and tested for military use, with the focus on "provisional maintenance in battle situations and under great time pressure".



  • Optimised internal body height
  • Optimised load capacity due to light aluminium construction
  • Weather-proof workstation (can be closed off with tarpaulins on sides)
  • Safe loading, yet ergonomic access to all the materials required
  • Can be transported by air after assembly (e.g. C-160 Transall and Airbus A 400)

Enabled by fitting interchangeable torsion-free bodies onto a lorry chassis


Newly developed torsion-free interchangeable body system specially designed for off-road use!



  • Allows clients to use various types of vehicle bodies depending on requirement, each of which can be fitted onto the same chassis
  • Allows clients to select the chassis of choice (off road, road vehicle, customised rapid deployment vehicle) which can all be fitted with the same model of vehicle body
  • Base: torsion-free intermediate frame
  • Simplified guiding system & non-positive locking device
  • Fully integrated trailer chassis suitable for air transport (international deployment)



  • Military vehicles
  • Fire brigade

for offroad vehicles



  • No restrictions of departure angle
  • Specially designed flat aggregat box (integrated into system)
  • Douple telescop guidence to support off-road vehicles with high loading height but low height of construction (rail transport)
  • Off-road operations possible
  • Long life cycle (special materials used)
  • Safe (emergency operations)
  • Hydraulic adjustment to the ground & hydraulic closing
  • Satisfies the highest quality standard of armies & fire brigades

On-going development to enhance comfort



  • Tested for crash & rollover incidents
  • Maximises security of passengers
  • Easy to disassemble


Enhanced features:

  • New rollover test for bolt locking system
  • Virtually free of mechanical wear
  • Seat belts suitable for lateral impact
  • Easily adjustable head restraints for maximum comfort
  • Integrated assault rifle holder

for a safe passenger transportation                                       


Our focus on safety!                                                        



Bodies and components tested under difficult conditions


According to the company's philosophy of offering customers the best possible product for any application, EMPL gives priority to user safety! As part of its own research and development programme, EMPL has carried out tilting and rolling tests for the new box body generation, with the following objectives:

  • The new bonding joints (panel: frame) have been tested in combination with the new shelter design (structure)
  • Information about the stability of the interface to the intermediate frame
  • Information about the usability of various purchased body components
  • Testing of the newly developed 4-stretcher frame for ambulance bodies under full load, along with their links to the body

EMPL can thus make clear statements and provide evidence of the stability of its bodies under "crash conditions", with both the test according to Standard R 66 (tilting test) and the rolling test documented in the field and thus verifiable. It is certain that EMPL is one of the few - if not the only - body manufacturer to carry out such crash tests on entire systems (including the chassis) in the interests of safety.


Vibration tests to check the holders and attachment of accessories and components as well as the diagonal, dynamic distortion (20-50 cm) of vehicles and their bodies are easily possible.


The swinging lifting yoke, developed by EMPL for special “off-road” and military deployment in difficult terrain, is an absolute specialty. The integrated swing dampening system facilitates adaptation of the equipment to the towed vehicle and prevents quick and uncontrolled turning. The system enables opposing twist between the towed vehicle and the towing vehicle.


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