EMPL Your Partner

“We are more than just a supplier for our customers. We are a reliable partner.”

The vehicles, which are specially adapted to the market situation and the requirements of the application, together with intensive support before, during and after purchase with worldwide spare parts supply, offer clear benefits. To ensure optimum functioning of the vehicles and equipment, application training is conducted at the customer site. In addition to this, we offer workshops and training courses in theory and practice at our EMPL Academy.

We also maintain close, trusting relationships with suppliers, importers and local value creators, which, in turn, eventually benefits our customers: continuously high quality standards, cost benefits and price certainty, availability and long-term spare parts guarantee.

With our decades of experience, we have established ourselves in the industry as a system integrator and not just as a manufacturer of customised vehicle bodies. For we know very well that it takes much more to turn individual components such as truck, body, trailer and crane into a functioning, mobile system with various application options. Our strengths lie in the extensive know-how in customer consultation, problem solving skills, longstanding experience with regard to the technical possibilities, making us a competent partner for intelligent complete solutions. EMPL is also a sought-after partner for cooperations in the field of special-purpose vehicles when it comes to modular kits in combination with know-how transfer.

When handling large projects, we are also willing to act as a general contractor. For this, we do not just look after our own delivery scope, but also coordinate those of all other contractors involved.

Modular kits / know-how

In an efficient interplay of longstanding, experienced employees and state-of-the-art machinery, we manufacture small and large runs, which are also available as (CKD, SKD) modular kits.

General Contractor

Especially for projects for public bodies, often complete vehicles and systems are put out for tender. Due to comprehensive experience in this area, EMPL can also act as a general contractor for the end customer for specific projects.

System Integrator / Partnership

A truck and a body are often only the basis for a mobile system with a variety of application requirements. Benefit from the comprehensive experience of EMPL to turn a simple vehicle body into a fully operational system.

Further questions?

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