EMPL recovery vehicles – highlight at the IFBA 2017!


Once again, EMPL was present with two recovery vehicles at the IFBA in Kassel / Germany, the largest European trade fair for the rescue and recovery industry, from 18 - 20 May. We want to take this opportunity to thank the numerous visitors to our trade fair stand for the pleasant and constructive discussions.

The Austrian body specialist EMPL is regarded as an all - rounder in the field of rescue and recovery. The bodies have proven successful in a variety of different climate zones and fields of operation. Clever, customised systems, well though-out concepts and permanent product optimisation convince recovery service customers and have ensured the market leadership for EMPL in the field of heavy duty recovery vehicles for many years.

IFBA 2017
Once again, two heavy - duty recovery vehicles from leading German recovery companies were presented at this year's IFBA. “Abschleppdienst Kelpin” and “Kran Saller GmbH” rely on recovery technology from EMPL. The vehicles were officially handed over to the customers at the trade fair.

“Abschleppdienst Kelpin” is a company with a wide field of action, offering recovery and rescue services as well as container services, winter services, crane services and much more.

An MAN TGS 35.500 8x6 H chassis forms the basis for the new customer vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a 30 t main winch and another 15 t winch on the main arm. Ballast weights mounted behind and underneath the driver’s can with a total weight of 3.2 t provide sufficient safety during towing. The towing accessories have a CTC coating. The storage compartments are made of stainless steel with keyhole bars for adjustable storage bays. Space for a storage tray for support timbers is provided on the inside of the storage box with a tarpaulin cover. The wheel lift can be attached at the side. The lifting cylinder and the knuckle boom cylinder have a special corrosion-resistant chromium plating. The vehicle is equipped with a flyer, a reversing camera and additional work, safety and position lights with LED - technology. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with a rescue equipment package including crowbar, heavy - duty hammer, bolt cutter, assembly roller, waste box, oil absorbent, etc.

The vehicle will be at the MAN Forum in Munich for about 3 weeks after the IFBA.

A Mercedes - Benz Arocs 4152 AK serves as the chassis for the recovery vehicle for crane manufacturer “Kran Saller GmbH” from Deggendorf. The vehicle is equipped with two 20t winches on the main arm and a 10t winch on the support frame with return pulley including hydraulic support. This vehicle is also equipped with approx. 3t of ballast weights underneath and behind the driver's cab. All towing utensils (lifting forks, bolts, towing bar, etc.) are part of the standard equipment. In addition to this, an Autogen cutting and welding unit, a water tank and a swivel compartment with a vice, light and workbench are also on board. A ball head coupling including seating on the lifting frame is intended for agricultural trailers. The equipment boxes are made of stainless steel.

The knuckle boom cylinder and the lifting cylinder are finished with a chromium - nickel coating for protection against corrosion and stone impact. The main and knuckle boom as well as the extension and the winches can be operated via a radio remote control. Additional work lights are mounted on the flyer and at the rear of the vehicle, which is also equipped with further position lights. The vehicle features a reversing video system with 2 cameras including a colour monitor. As an additional safety feature, an extending light mast with LED - lights is mounted on the body. A rescue gear package completes the equipment.

The entire EMPL team wants to take this opportunity to thank all customers for their trust and the longstanding good cooperation!

EMPL: Advantage through progress!

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