EMPL honours 860 years of employment!


Time to say THANK YOU for 860 years of employment! Long-standing employees carry on the company traditions. That is why EMPL is particularly proud to have so many long-standing employees. Their commitment, flexibility and loyalty have contributed significantly to the success of the company.

The management is therefore particularly intent on publicly recognising long-standing, loyal employees in an appropriate setting at regular intervals.

"As it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable qualified personnel, it is very important to have good employees and to hold on to them until retirement if possible," explained Heinz Empl in his opening speech.

Establishing a corporate culture and carrying on these values is only possible with long-standing employees. They know the company, the structure and the products. This allows knowledge to remain in the company and it can be passed on to younger colleagues.

This year, a total of 32 employees from different departments were presented with certificates and valuable presents for 20, 30 and even 40 years of service in the VIP section of the EMPL Service Park. Each one was identified by name and their contributions in the different departments were highlighted. Special praise was given for loyalty to the company, commitment, enthusiasm for new challenges and the highly considerate and helpful manner towards colleagues.

Christoph Walser, President of the Tyrolian Chamber of Commerce, Erwin Zangerl, President the Tyrolian Chamber of Labour, and Stefan Bletzacher, representative of the Schwaz Chamber of Commerce, also joined the ceremony and personally handed over the certificates and presents from the Chamber of Commerce and Labour.


20 years – Manfred Binder, Martin Brindlinger, Günther Galyk, Reinhard Gruber, Otto Hanser, Martin Kofler, Thomas Krapf, Karl Pötz, Siegfried Schiestl, Andreas Schneeberger, Franz Spitaler, Bauke Van der Haag, Georg Wechselberger, Markus Westreicher, Simon Widmann
30 years – Horst Beer, Herbert Eibl, Roland Fiechtl, Roland Gruber, Erwin Hell, Thomas Höllwarth, Johann Klocker, Josef Nail, Hubert Oblasser, Klaus Pfister, Alexandra Schöler, Alois Schönherr
40 years – Johannes Eberharter, Johann Greber, Thomas Laiminger, Hubert Wetscher, Johann Wildauer

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