Empl develops operating unit for heavy - duty recovery vehicles!


EMPL is known for meeting the highest requirements, current product innovations and the implementation of individual customer requests in all areas.

Clever, customised systems, well though - out concepts and permanent product optimisation have ensured the market leadership for EMPL for many years. Now EMPL is setting another milestone in the segment of heavy - duty recovery vehicles with the development of an operating unit on the control block with a wide screen colour display.

The first vehicle with the new operating unit - a vehicle for the rescue and recovery company Völkl - was presented at the IFBA 2016. Instead of the classic manual control panel with rotary switches and buttons, it is now possible to optionally install an operating unit on the control block with membrane keys and a 7" wide screen colour display. The new system is equipped with standard basic functions such as

  • stopwatch for recording work time
  • switching status display for lights and beacons
  • operating hours counter for the auxiliary drive
  • battery voltage display including low voltage indicator
  • display for parking brake / motor / auxiliary drive
  • pressure display for the hydraulic system
  • display for “quick off”
  • integrated lifting load diagram for lifting fork and frame

The following options can additionally be included:

  • camera display for cable winches integrated into the 7" display instead of a separate system
  • axle load weighing system including overload warning for knuckle boom integrated into the 7" display instead of a separate system
  • flyer control also from rear operating station
  • control of warning system also from rear operating station (beacon bar, front flashing lights, side flashing lights and rear flashing lights - each can be selected separately)
  • all lamps can also be separately controlled from the rear operating station
  • motor start / stop at the rear operating station
  • working speed increase at rear operating station

If the display fails, the system automatically switches to manual control and the rescue operation can continue without limitations. This means several functions were added to the previous manual control panel to make it more modern and compact. Of course the proven classic system is still available as well.

EMPL: Advantage through progress!

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