EMPL supplies 2 identical HLF-LOG to Bayer AG factory fire service!


A while ago, Bayer AG provided its factory fire service with two identical HLF-LOG pumpers with rescue equipment and tail lift. The vehicles are intended for the Pharmaceuticals division in Berlin and allow flexible reactions to a variety of different call scenarios.

Renowned industrial fire services with special requirements and challenges frequently use of the special-purpose solutions from EMPL. With its individual special-purpose vehicles, EMPL has established itself as a preferred partner and supplier in the international field of industrial firefighting during recent years.

The HLF-LOG of the Bayer factory fire service are built on Mercedes-Benz Econic 1830 L 4x2 E 08 chassis with UDS system and have the official designation HTLF 40/20-5. The chassis is equipped with 3 seats, a 360° camera, a reversing camera with night shoot and microphone as well as reversing lights. The special equipment includes, among other things, a PA system, RettBox, beacon bar, front flashing lights, siren system, bullhorn, passenger lights, tablet holder, storage compartments for overtrousers with fire boots, digital operations radio, CABA seats and mask containers for middle seat and passenger as well as a thermal imaging camera.

The body is manufactured from Alu-Tech sandwich panels. The body contains a 2,000 l water tank and a 500 l foam tank, which can be changed if required. The centrifugal firefighting pump EMPL FPN 10-4000 S and the fast attack are installed on the passenger side in G2. The vehicles are also equipped with a pump pre-mixing system and a modern venturi mixer with an additional foam connection option in the storage compartment and at the rear. The left and right sides of the body feature 2 equipment compartments with internal LED lighting, which are sealed dust-tight and water-tight with powder-coated, smooth running aluminium roll-up doors with bar lock. The roll-up doors are equipped with a central locking function and self-tightening closing straps. All roll-up door boxes feature fold-out steps, including above the rear axle.

A tail lift with 1,500 kg capacity at 1 m projection and a rear warning system are installed at the rear. The load compartment can be accessed through a door with an extending ladder on the passenger side. 6 roll-on containers (120 cm x 80 cm), a rescue platform and a railing system can be stored here at the same time. Side rails with cross latch and ratchet straps ensure secure fastening of the load, which can weigh up to 3 t. 2 additional roll-up doors at the side allow access to the deep roll-on container side wall area. An integrated internal roof box contains 4 dimensionally stable B chemical hoses and a connecting line with Storz coupling for foam medium to the foam tank. In addition, the load compartment has a whiteboard on the face side as well as windows in the door and on the opposite side.

The comprehensive equipment includes an integrated 8 kVA power generator, which can be operated simultaneously with the pump, 2 multi-purpose ladders, which can be removed from either side, rescue platform, folding spreader trolley, telescopic pike pole, combi carrier, spine board, chemical protection suits, gas measuring devices, lifting cushions, different pumps, hand lamps, bolt cutter, hacksaw, chainsaw and angle grinder, collection funnel, multi-purpose spray pipes, foam pipe with attachment, distributor, fog spikes, megaphone, fan, emergency backpack, CO2 and ABC powder extinguishers, and much more. For a C fast attack, a removable container additionally contains 3 hoses which are permanently attached in loops, distributor fast attack, 1 B hose 5 m on each side (next to the 2 B 20 m hoses) as well as 2 CABA devices in the body.

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