EMPL supplies highlight vehicle to Qatar again!


EMPL is once again delivering a very special highlight vehicle to the emirate of Qatar. Customers from the emirate have been loyal customers of EMPL for many decades.

After recently supplying several vehicles such as water tank trailers, command vehicles and - most recently - breathing apparatus bodies to the Civil Defence in Qatar, EMPL is currently shipping a force entry vehicle.

The EMPL force entry vehicle features a 15m long, hydraulically driven, telescoping extinguishing arm which is equipped with a piercing head at the front. Fires in buildings up to five stories high can be fought quickly and from a safe distance by piercing wood, brick and concrete walls with the lance. More than 50 nozzles on the head of the arm spray water or foam to extinguish the fire. The arm can also be used as a crane and - with an attached work basket - for height rescue. Individually adjustable side supports are extended to provided optimum stability during use of the extinguishing arm.

The force entry tool with its particularly low design is built onto an MAN TGS 6x4 BB-WW chassis. The water tender is equipped with a 3,000l water tank and a 1,000l foam tank. The vehicle also includes a 200kg powder system. A powder reel with a 30m hose is installed in the G6. The EMPL NP 6000 integrated pump forms the heart of the vehicle. The G2 contains a 30m quick attack reel.

All equipment compartments are equipped with lockable aluminium rolling doors with bar locks and internal LED - lighting. The roof is accessible via latter at the rear of the vehicle. The roof also features an additional roof box. Three reversing cameras are installed on the vehicle; these can be displayed centrally on a colour monitor in the driver’s cab. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a camera on the extinguishing arm. This transmits the image to a colour display on the pump control station via radio signal.

EMPL: Where the extraordinary is the rule!


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