EMPL delivers first BISON recovery vehicle on a Zetros chassis!


EMPL has been one of the leading body manufacturers in the field of heavy trailers for many years. 50 - 90 units are shipped to customers all over the world every year. Now the first EMPL EH/W 200 Bison on an MB Zetros chassis was delivered to Saudi Arabia.

EMPL has already been manufacturing heavy duty recovery vehicles on Zetros chassis for the African market for some time. Until now, these vehicles were special purpose vehicles with a slewing boom and a working cab. Now, however, the first EMPL BISON on Zetros was delivered to a customer in Saudi Arabia.

The recovery body is set on an MB Zetros 3643A 6x6 chassis which features a robust, solid suspension, shock absorber and frame design and therefore a particularly high level of durability and offroad performance. Two hydraulic winches with a capacity of 30t and 15t are installed on the lifting boom. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a 6t front winch and a cable extension winch at the rear.

The storage boxes are made from stainless steel with keyhole bars and are rubber coated on the inside. Hinged doors in the front section of the body and fold - up doors in the area of the rear axles provide maximum storage space and unrestricted access to the extensive equipment. In addition to the standard equipment such as lifting forks, strap sets, towing bolts, pulley block, bullbar and adapter for NATO fitting, the equipment includes a separate compressor and a 3,500W power converter for supplying external consuming units. The lighting and safety equipment includes a flyer with light bar, flashing lights, work light and a reversing video system with monitoring camera.

EMPL: Where the extraordinary is the rule!

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