EMPL supplies fire fighting vehicle engine factory in Mannheim!


Renowned factory fire services rely on technology from EMPL. The customised solutions are often used as a reference when other factory fire services are looking to purchase new vehicles. Recently, EMPL delivered the first vehicle for site safety to Daimler AG.

EMPL has established itself as a preferred partner and supplier in the international field of industrial fire fighting during recent years. Individual special vehicles were supplied to factory fire services at BASF, Securitas, Infra Leuna, Thyssen Krupp, Audi, EADS, Borealis, Sandoz, Qatar Gas, Qatar Petroleum, Oman Refinery Company, Yanbu Cement, SINOPEC, Aluminium Bahrain and many others. The recently delivered industrial fire fighting vehicle went to the Mercedes - Benz engine factory in Mannheim, Germany.

The new ILF industrial fire fighting vehicle is based on an MB Actros 2544 6x2 chassis. The Fire Fighter ALU - Tech body has an aluminium sandwich panel design. The body features three equipment compartments each on the left and right side as well as the pump compartment in the rear with interior LED - lighting. The equipment compartments provides correct and ergonomical fastening for the fire fighting equipment - a standard for EMPL vehicles. The underfloor doors to the lower equipment compartments can be used as standing platforms with a load bearing capacity of 270kg. Access steps at the rear fold diagonally to provide access to the roof, which is coated with an anti - slip material. The crew compartment is equipped with 4 EMPL - Eagle breathing apparatus brackets against the direction of travel and an Action Tower. The front passenger seat is also equipped with a SCBA seat module.

The ILF features 3,000l water tank and a 1,000l foam tank. It also contains a 480kg CO² system which can be removed with a forklift truck. The EMPL fire fighting pump NP 4000 FPN 10-4000 is located in the rear of the vehicle. A water / foam cannon with electric remote control, pneumatic extension and attached multi-purpose nozzle is installed on the roof. The roof of the ILF is additionally equipped with an electric comfort removal system for the ladder with a 4-section scaling ladder, a multi - function ladder and chemical hoses. A cantilevered electric weather protection awning is attached above G2+G4.

Furthermore, the vehicle features the pneumatic EMPL Function Light mast for simultaneous targeted or large area illumination of the emergency site and a Rotzler Treibmatic TR080/6 cable winch with a 60m cable. The equipment includes 2 SCBA devices, power generator, lighting kit, hazardous substances pump, blocking tools, fire extinguishers, hygiene board, self - winding compressed air and cable drum, etc.

EMPL: Where the extraordinary is the rule!

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