Empl supplies tipper truck with crane for the MAN Trucknology Roadshow!


A test drive says more than a thousand words. Consequently, MAN is offering customers the option of taking an extensive test drive with a complete vehicle with an EMPL body.

The demo fleet is available for interested customers at MAN from March until October. EMPL supplied a tipper vehicle with a removable rear crane for this purpose.

The tipping body with removable rear crane is built on an MAN TGS 33.480 6x4 BL chassis. The tipping frame, welded from steel profiles, is made of high - quality fine - grained steel and is equipped with sturdy, external side and longitudinal booms and transverse framing. The bottom panel is manufactured from 5mm thick high-strength, wear  -free fine - grained steel in one piece. The vehicle features a fixed front - wall height extension with excavator protection, lashing rings and crane arm support centrally on the front wall.

All side walls are manufactured from 55mm thick hollow aluminium profiles. The left side wall (in direction of travel) has a continuous lower bearing and is equipped with a hydraulic lifting support. The right side wall folds and swivels and is designed with a spring lifting support. The rear hatch is hydraulically operated via a control in the driver's cab and features lateral flow panels. The upper short aluminium swivelling wall is made of 25mm hollow aluminium profiles. Numerous lashing hooks, lashing rings and folding hooks provide sufficient options for securing loads. The diesel tank and the hydraulic tank are additionally clad with aluminium tread plate. The body features a stowing system for tools, wheel chocks, shovel, broom, etc. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a Hiab 188-E3 HiDuo loading crane in a removable version which is mounted at the rear.

EMPL: Advantage through progress!

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