EMPL at Interschutz 2022 with large range of vehicles!


EMPL will be showing its highly unusual side once again at Interschutz in Hannover from 20 to 25 June. On a stand area of around 1000 m², the manufacturer of individual special-purpose truck bodies will exhibit eleven specially adapted fire brigade vehicles.

In around one month, several hundred thousand visitors with an interest in fire fighting will descend on the trade fair halls in Hannover and find very different and interesting exhibits on the two adjacent stands B30 and D21 in hall 27.

GTLF with Scorpio extinguishing arm – Yncoris factory fire service – Chemiepark Knapsack
The large pumper on a MAN TGS 41.480 chassis with a fully automatic Allison torque converter is equipped with a 9,500 l water tank, a 4,500 l foam tank and a 500 kg powder extinguishing system. The 25 m aluminium SCORPIO extinguishing arm features 360° rotation and is mounted on the roof.

SLF – Bayer factory fire service – Bergkamen
The special pumper on a MB Actros 2546 is equipped with a 3,000 l water tank, a 7,000 l foam tank and a 750 kg powder and 180 kg CO2 extinguishing system. A 6.000 l/min pump supplies the radio-remote controlled 4.000 l/min roof monitor on a pneumatic lifting unit.

TULF – Currenta factory fire service – Chempark Leverkusen
The turbine pumper on a MAN TGS 28.500 is equipped with a powerful turbine for emitting vast quantities of water dispersed as tiny water droplets in a spray mist. In addition, the vehicle has a 6.000 l/min cannon installed on the roof.

MzGW – THW – specialist team for emergency supply/emergency repairs
The multi-purpose support truck on a MAN TGM 18.290 with a double cabin is equipped with a platform body with sliding tarps on the sides and a fixed tarp roof, as well as a 2 t tail lift for accommodating wheeled containers. A device carrier is installed behind the double cab.

SRF – St. Gallen volunteer fire brigade
The heavy-duty rescue vehicle on a Scania P 410 is equipped with an X-HiPro 232 loading crane on the rear, a TR080 winch at the front and extensive equipment such as a hydraulic rescue set, air cushion kit, generator, rescue crash kit and fall protection.

TLF 2000/120 Primus – Tumeltsham volunteer fire brigade
The pumper on a MAN TGM 13.290 is equipped with a 2.000 l water tank, 120 l foam tank, 3.000 l/min pump, low-pressure foam addition system, road washing system, TR030/7 fire winch at the vehicle front and the Empl H.I.T. pump control via display.

TLF 3000/100/100 – Mellau volunteer fire brigade
The pumper on a Scania P 440 with crew cab is equipped with a 3.000 l water tank, two 100 l foam tanks, a 3.000 l/min pump, a low-pressure foam addition system, an integrated generator and a 60 m fast attack reel with electric winding in the rear.

ULF – Röhm factory fire service - Worms
ULF on air suspended Scania P500 6x2*4 with CrewCab 1+5. The universal fire fighting vehicle is equipped with a 2.000 l water tank, 3.000 l foam tank and a 750 kg powder extinguishing system. A 8.000 l/min pump supplies the radio-remote controlled 4.000 l/min roof monitor as well as a remote-controlled 2.000 l/min front monitor. The foam addition system can be separately and individually controlled at each output.

RF-S – Schwaz volunteer fire brigade
The special-version rescue vehicle on a MB Unimog U 530 is equipped with the Empl Integro crew cab, an 800 l water tank, a 1.300 l/min mid-ship pump, a portable pump, a generator, extensive equipment and an F70.2 B H1 H0/W front mounted winch with 5 t traction force and 70 m cable length.

TMB – Yncoris factory fire service – Chemiepark Knapsack
The telescopic mast platform on a Scania P 450 with crew cab is equipped with a 44 m mast with lifting rescue platform with a 3.500 l/min cannon on the basket, a 800 l water tank, a 1.200 l foam tank and a 6.000 l/min pump.

HLF 20 Primus – Schwangau volunteer fire brigade
The pumper on a MAN TGM 13.290 is equipped with a 2.000 l/min pump, 2.000 l water tank, 120 l foam tank, Cameleon low-pressure foam addition system, roof monitor, 2 x one person reels B-hose / traffic safety, thermal imaging camera, gas detector and many more.

Our EMPL experts will be available for discussions and consultations at any time and can offer insights into the technical details. Discover something special and expect a few surprises. We are looking forward to your visit. Hall 27 stand B30 and D21!

The vehicles will be presented to the press in advance on Saturday, 18 June 2022, between 11:30 and 14:00, at the Hannover trade fair grounds, south of the Convention Centre (CC).

EMPL: Your Vision. Our Challenge.

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