EMPL will present 2 heavy-duty recovery vehicles at IFBA in Kassel!


The Austrian truck body specialist EMPL is regarded as an all-rounder in the field of rescue and recovery. From 16 - 18 May, two vehicles will also be presented once again at IFBA in Kassel, the trade fair for the rescue and recovery industry.

Once again, two heavy-duty recovery vehicles from renowned German recovery companies will be presented at this year's IFBA. “Bergungsdienst Brameier GmbH” from Schopsdor and “Abschleppdienst Rigra GmbH” from Siegsdorf will both once again rely on recovery technology from EMPL.

EMPL was already able to deliver an EMPL Bison on an MB Actros chassis to the company Brameier based in Schopsdorf in 2011. A Mercedes Benz Arocs 41.63 8x4/4 serves as a chassis for the new rescue vehicle that will be handed over to the customer at the trade fair. A 30 t winch and a 15 t winch are mounted on the main arm with an integrated telescopic recovery boom. An additional 10 t winch is mounted on the support frame with an extension at the side (in the direction of travel) and a hydraulic support.

The customised storage boxes that accommodate all the towing utensils (lifting forks, bolts, towing bar etc.) are made completely from stainless steel and have a have handrail with integrated LED lighting. A light mast ensures additional safety at work. The towing accessories have a CTC coating. Ballast weights mounted behind and underneath the driver's cab with a total weight of 3.2 t transfer the weight to the front axles during the towing process.

A strong stainless steel bull bar with a rubber bumper and a light bar on the driver's cab help the heavy, robust vehicle to establish a strong presence.

The Siegsdorf-based recovery company Bison already received deliveries from EMPL back in 2004 and 2011. A MAN TGS 41.500 8X4 BB chassis forms the basis for the new customer vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a 30 t main winch and another 15 t winch on the main arm. Like the vehicle presented initially, it also has an additional 10 t winch on the support frame with an extension at the side (in the direction of travel) and a hydraulic support. The ballast weight is approx. 4 t.

The storage boxes in the body are made from stainless steel and have double keyhole rails for adjustable storage compartments. Numerous work lights ensure safe and careful working conditions.

EMPL: advantage through progress!

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