EMPL transport box on PistenBully!


To ensure smooth deliveries to the food service outlets in the Hochzillertal ski resort, EMPL has equipped a PistenBully snow groomer with a transport box.

Using PistenBullys alternatively and economically with EMPL! Many applications are conceivable: whether for maintenance work on lift supports and buildings, for transporting people or food, as a fire extinguishing vehicle or as a mobile show stage. EMPL has built on and equipped the mountain vehicles for a variety of different applications in recent years. Now a vehicle was equipped for deliveries to the ski huts in the Zillertal ski resort.

The insulated box body was developed for transporting food. A loading lift with a capacity of 2,000kg installed at the rear moves vertically up and down. It allows direct loading of the box body at different loading heights and without angling the tail lift. A fold - out window is installed in each side panel. Lashing points for individual loading as well as outside and safety lighting complete the concept. A similar vehicle has already been used successfully at the Christlum ski resort for several years.

EMPL: advantage through progress!

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