EMPL represented once again at the Feuerwehr Objektiv symposium!


The Feuerwehr Objektiv symposium in Klosterneuburg is celebrating its 12th anniversary this year and has established itself as a fixed point in the schedule of many decision-makers and interested specialists in the fire service sector in Austria over the years. EMPL will also participate at the symposium again with several vehicles.

The 12th Feuerwehr Objektiv symposium including a vehicle presentation will take place on 6 April at the “Weißer Hof” in Klosterneuburg. EMPL will exhibit once again with several vehicles.

The pumper with rescue equipment HLF 3 of the market town of Lassee is set on an MAN TGM 15.290 4x4 BL chassis in Primus design. The optimised superstructure concept guarantees maximum operating convenience. This vehicle is designed for a crew of 1+8 and equipped with 3 CABA seats.
A 3,000 l water tank, a 120 l foam tank as well as an EMPL integrated fire fighting pump with high-pressure device TO 3000 FPN 10/3000 – 40/250 are installed in the rear. This vehicle can be operated with the EMPL H.I.T. CAN bus control on the display at the pump operating station as well as from the driver's cab.
Fast attacks are conducted from a 60 m high-pressure fast attack reel at the rear. The EMPL Function Light mast provides spot and area lighting to ensure optimum service conditions on site.

The pumper with rescue equipment HLF 4 of the Furth Volunteer Fire Brigade is set on a Scania CP 400 6x4*4 HHA chassis and designed for a crew of 1+5.
It is equipped with an 8,000 l water tank and a 200 l foam tank with optical tank level indicator.

An FPN 10/3000 fire extinguishing low-pressure pump with an individual flow diagram is installed in the rear, as well as a valve terminal for controlling all pneumatic valves for any emergency operation. The 60 m fast attack above the pump operating station is equipped with electric hose reel winding. A 30 m foam fast attack is stored in an aluminium compartment at the pressure outlet in loops.

A pneumatically lowering street washing bar with several pressure nozzles is mounted below the bumper. Furthermore, the vehicle features a frame installation winch with 7 to of constant capacity and 45 m usable cable length. A roof box with gas pressure damper and a 4-part scaling ladder are installed on the sanded walk-on roof.

EMPL: your vision - our challenge!

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