Regional focus in the Zillertal valley!


EMPL Austria in Kaltenbach is an important employer in the region and actively focuses on the region at its canteen on a daily basis. Sustainability and regional focus are top priorities at EMPL, a traditional company in the Austrian Zillertal valley. Kathrin Kaltenhauser, Member of the State Assembly, and Josef Hechenberger, President of the State Chamber of Agriculture, were able to experience this during a company tour today.

Founded in 1926, EMPL Austria underwent continuous further development and is now one of the leading Austrian companies in the field of vehicle engineering. One thing has remained constant throughout the decades in a variety of different ways: the strong commitment to the region. “EMPL demonstrates how to support local agriculture to ensure high quality catering for employees. This makes the family - run company a role model which I think should rather become a standard throughout our state,” enthuses President of the State Chamber of Agriculture Josef Hechenberger.

Every day, 280 meals are served at the canteen which is open to the public. The modern company kitchen prepares the dishes freshly and according to the latest nutritional findings. The food is cooked with high - quality regional ingredients and spices, it is low in salt and flavoured with fresh herbs - without preservatives or flavour enhancers Around 2.4 tons of organic vegetables, salad and fruit from Tyrol and rest of Austria are used every year. 2,550kg of meat are bought directly from the Wegschneider butcher in Kaltenbach, and the required 3 tons of milk and dairy products are preferably delivered directly by the Zillertal Alpine Dairy “Erlebnis Sennerei”.

“The cooperation between EMPL and the Tyrolean farmers has many facets,” explains Herbert Empl. “For one, we prefer to buy the food for our canteen directly from the region. In addition to this, we have been working closely with the agricultural service provider Maschinenring Schwaz. That is an ideal way to compensate for staff shortages and seasonal capacity fluctuations with trained and highly motivated workers,” continues Empl. Member of the State Assembly Kathrin Kaltenhauser is pleased how easily this regional and sustainable attitude is implemented at the family-run company: “Because the cooperation with regional suppliers and partners has a high priority at the manufacturing facility as well, EMPL provides an important contribution to supporting the local economy and preserving jobs in Tyrol. That the company chooses its suppliers based on quality rather than on price should be an example for many other Tyrolean businesses!”

EMPL: Quality, environmental and social responsibility!

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