Quality Management

Our company organisation is certified to ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 14001/2015. We conduct quality checks during and after production and continuously monitor and optimise our processes. The quality commitment of each individual employee ensures maximum customer satisfaction! The vehicles are handed over to customers in a pleasant atmosphere in dedicated spaces. Our IT-controlled production systems can be flexibly adapted to individual and series production. They support our highly trained employees and our production management team with manufacturing the globally renowned EMPL quality products.

No vehicles leaves our factory without successfully undergoing a detailed check and extensive tests. We are one of the few manufacturers with its own truck test track, in addition to numerous other test equipment. This gives our customers the certainty that their vehicles will provide optimum performance even under extreme conditions.

Test Track

Vehicle bodies from EMPL are often exposed to extreme conditions in daily use.
No vehicles leaves our factory without successfully undergoing a detailed check and extensive tests. We are one of the few manufacturers with its own truck test track, in addition to numerous other test equipment. This gives our customers the certainty that their vehicles will provide optimum performance even under extreme conditions.

  • Diagonal, dynamic torsion (20 cm/30 cm/50 cm) of vehicles with bodies
  • Vibration test for checking attachment of accessories and components

The test track can also be hired by external parties.

Tipping platform

Intensive safety tests before delivery are a matter of course for us. To test the overturning resistance of our vehicle bodies and to verify the overturning moment, for example, we have our own tipping platform. This is used to test a variety of criteria for stability.

Crash - Tests

  • Crash test with EMPL safety seat modules
  • Overturning of the vehicle while driving
  • Tipping of the vehicle from a certain height
  • Rollover test of the vehicle during crash on steep terrain

Pump test bench and test system for foam addition systems

To allow optimum testing of pump capacity and to meet the variety of different technical requirements worldwide, we have selected a complex pump test bench with underground test water tank and suction shafts, to which we also added a test system for foam injection systems. In addition to verifying pump capacity, this test method can be used to test all types of foam generation systems from all manufacturers (injector addition, foam pre-mixing and pressure addition), whereby the addition rates can be measured precisely from 0.1 %.

Pump test bench for:

  • Centrifugal fire fighting pumps as per EN 1028- 1  and EN 1028-2
  • Pump testing as per GB 6245-2006 and GB 7956-1998
  • Portable pumps as per EN 14466
  • designed for pump sizes up to FPN 10-10000 and FPH 40-400

Special features:

  • Pressure pump for conducting pressure tests as per EN 1028-2, Appendix G.
  • Option for testing pumps without external suction intake up to a nominal delivery rate of 2000 l/min at 10 bar. The extinguishing water is pumped from the vehicle tank and returned to the vehicle tank again.
  • Options for remote service.
  • The current air and water temperature, current air pressure and current suction height as well as vehicle engine oil temperature and vehicle auxiliary drive temperature are output on the test report.
  • Temperature sensors for measuring the temperature (0 - 150 °C) on the vehicle auxiliary drive and the vehicle engine oil temperature.

EMPL Fahrzeugwerk - Kaltenbach

EMPL Fahrzeugwerk - Elster

Environmental Management

Sustainable operations secure our future – for our company as well as for society. That is why all our actions are influenced by sustainability: We use resources carefully and take our responsibility towards employees and society seriously. It is our objective to generate lasting value and to leave future generations with a world that is ecologically and socially intact.

Large-scale photovoltaic systems allow us to supply most of the electricity required by our factories, company cars running on electricity and gas support climate-friendly mobility while our paint shops are equipped with a heat recovery system. We received the GBE Factory Award for our activities in the field of eco-efficient projects.

Photovoltaic system

Large photovoltaic systems in Austria and Germany.

Over 1,100,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy allow us to cover approx. 50 % of our energy requirement with solar power.

  • Kaltenbach plant, Austria: Capacity parameter: 670.00 kWp
  • Uderns plant, Austria: Capacity parameter: 180.00 kWp
  • Hall plant, Austria: Capacity parameter: 183.50 kWp
  • Elster plant, Germany: Capacity parameter: 140.00 kWp
  • Klöden plant, Germany: Capacity parameter: 99.64 kWp

Heat recovery

Heat recovery for paint booth:

To ensure long-term energy efficiency, the SE-Öcoplus NT energy saving system with SE-Airmaster air volume control was installed at the plants in Uderns and Kaltenbach. This measure reduces the annual energy consumption from 283,000 kW to 204,000 kW.

Particulate filter system

Particulate filter system for dust-free workspaces in the production workshops in Kaltenbach.

LED ceiling lights

Energy saving LED ceiling lights in the administration building at the headquarters in Kaltenbach and in production.

Vehicle fleet

  • Meals on wheels with fully electric delivery car (portions, selection of dishes, nutrients adapted to children or seniors) for welfare service, daycare centres, schools, Caritas centre, etc.; free delivery and support for the Uderns food bank; natural gas cars for service in Kaltenbach and Hall
  • Environmentally friendly service vehicle running on natural gas
  • Fully electric service vehicle for service Kaltenbach and Hall
  • Fully electric company car BMW i3

EMPL Fahrzeugwerk - Kaltenbach

EMPL Fahrzeugwerk - Elster

Further questions?

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