Research & Development

We are an excellent partner for our customers when it comes to individually tailored truck body solutions in order to keep hazards for people, environment and goods as low as possible.

We offer products and solutions which are far more than just the sum of their individual components. Our pioneering spirit is evident in every product. In close cooperation with customers, we develop a technically optimised and comprehensively considered solution for each application, according to the requirements. For: Developing together is more efficient and reliable than working alone. Starting with proven, fully developed basic components, we create EMPL vehicle bodies which clearly differ from those from large-scale production.
Quality, functionality, durability and design are our top priorities.

Fire fighting vehicle generation: PRIMUS

  • optimised superstructure concept guarantees maximum operating convenience
  • arched superstructure reduces aerodynamic drag and optimises the field of view  
  • new, enormously robust panels serve as impact protection
  • special design significantly reduces soiling, optimises corrosion protection and acts as a visual highlight
  • greatly reduced body weight allows increased additional load
  • Use of industrial large series components ensures spare parts availability of over 30 years 
  • universal beacon adapter for all standard beacon light variants – integrated into the overall concept of the vehicle in an aesthetically pleasing way
  • new integrated branch deflector to protect the beacon system
  • “all-round LED lighting concept” for optimum illumination with minimum power consumption
  • maximum flexibility and very easy operation for pump operating stations: H.I.T. display control, analogue flow chart as per AGBF (Working Group of Managers of German Professional Fire Services)


High-performance extinguishing arm SCORPIO

  • full aluminium telescopic extinguishing arm
  • 25 m radius
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • automatic setup/dismantling within 130 seconds
  • 4-fold hydraulic support within vehicle contour
  • Radio remote control and control station
  • Crane function with winch (1,300 kg) and work basket
  • self-monitoring safety system for industrial use
  • monitoring of support pressure, wind speed, cannon recoil forces, etc.


Force Entry Vehicle

  • 15 m hydraulic, telescopic extinguishing arm
  • piercing head penetrates wood, bricks and concrete walls
  • over 50 nozzles on the head of the extinguishing arm for water or foam dispersion


DOUBLEHEAD tunnel fire truck

  • Tunnel fire truck with driver’s cab on either end
  • special turning gear
  • steering all-wheel drive for tight corner radii and traversing
  • self-defence system for both driver’s cabs and body
  • Floor protection nozzles
  • infrared distance sensors with optical and acoustic indicator
  • hydrostatic drive for integrated generator


EMPL Future Truck

  • Roof heating for box body
  • Pedestrian warning radar front and rear
  • Camera system with side cameras to enhance driver’s view
  • Tail lift control from the driver's cab


TITAN dump trucks

  • robust design, individual structuring of attachments, add-ons and panels
  • wider tipping bearings for more stability and optimized dumping width
  • modular system for shorter delivery times and better spare parts supply
  • Model with weight-optimised floor assembly
  • Versions with changeable bodies possible (mechanical or hydraulic)
  • Front and rear crane attachments
  • Rear walls available in aluminium or steel – with integrated lashing points
  • hydraulic side walls with integrated safety system / galvanised aide wall bearings
  • optimised tipping through adapted dumping rail
  • Stabilising of supports through tailgate guiding / free movement for trailers when using rear crane
  • adjustable play on closures / dead centre locking and lubrication for guides
  • Optimum positioning of control block with easy-to-maintain connections
  • Tank can be mounted behind driver's cab
  • optimised tipping platform design / additional hooks set flush into floor of tipping platform
  • lockable tool box / front wall system with various raised sections and extending sections
  • improved tipping stability through optimised width of front and rear cantilevers
  • increased stability and wear resistance through high-strength fine-grained steel


Rescue & recovery vehicles

Operator safety system for rescue & recovery vehicles

  • Computer-controlled axle weighing system
  • Display: rear axle overload/dangerous load relief on front axle
  • increased operating safety

Operating unit on control block (instead of manual control panel)

  • Axis load weighing system and knuckle boom incl. overload warning
  • Operation (flyer, headlamp, engine start/stop, work speed increase)
  • Displays (operating status, hydraulic pressure, fast OFF, etc.)


Heavy rescue & recovery vehicle with crane - EH/W-TC 200 TAURUS

EMPL Hydraulic / Wrecker - Telescopic Crane: All benefits of the EH/W BISON combined with powerful telescopic recovery boom which can be operated independently of the underlift.


  • one of the lowest underlift extending arms in the world
  • fully hydraulic system
  • storage boxes custom-made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • telescopic recovery boom and underlift independent

Swivelling lifting frame

  • swivelling lifting frame for rescue & recovery vehicles
  • especially for off-road use for easier adaptation

Electric lifting roof

  • for optimising the internal body height
  • for optimising load capacity (lightweight aluminium design)
  • optimised for air loading


Tail lift

  • Tail lift for off-road vehicles
  • no limitation of gradient


Special development of flat racks

  • Special flat for watering, loading and pontoon transport


Storage box suitable for fording

  • Fording suitability certified by German Federal Army
  • 6 minutes full submersion at 1200 mm water depth


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