EMPL delivers another vehicle to Struck-Hamburg recovery services!


Building on our excellent working together in the past, EMPL recently handed over another heavy - duty towing and recovery vehicle to Struck. A similar specialised vehicle was provided to this Hamburg - based recovery services company in 2012 and presented at the IAA 2012.

Struck was established in 1994 as a small company with only a single rescue vehicle. The name STRUCK has always been associated with technical competence in road assistance and the recovery and towing of vehicles. These services can now be extended by adding another EMPL rescue vehicle.

The recovery body of the new Struck vehicle is mounted on the MB Arocs 4151 K 8x4/4 EURO 6 building - site chassis, which features a robust solid chassis, suspension and frame construction, thus providing it with a particularly high loading capacity. Two hydraulic winches with flexible cable and respective towing strengths of 24 tonnes and 10 tonnes are installed on the lifting arm. These are driven by hydraulic motors.

The storage boxes are made of stainless steel with keyhole rails and coated with rubber on the inside. The storage compartments have swing doors and flaps that can be folded out above the rear axles. The inside of the body houses swivel - type storage compartments for small parts, belts, etc. The anti - slip tread on top of the storage compartments comes equipped with a railing. The lighting and safety equipment includes a flyer with a light bar, flash lights, working spot - lights and lateral proximity lighting, a reversing camera, a control camera and an extending light mast. The vehicle also has its own power generator. The articulated cylinder and the two lifting cylinders are coated with special corrosion-resistant chrome. Ballast weights in the driver's cabin ensure optimal axle load distribution during the towing process. All towing equipment is coated with KTL.

The vehicle also houses a telescopic ladder, cable roller for a hook - in light bar and an auxiliary equipment package that includes a crowbar, a heavy hammer, a bolt cutter, a roller tray, oil binders, etc.

EMPL: Where the extraordinary is the rule!

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