IAA 2016: EMPL presents vehicles under the motto “Your vision - our challenge!”


The IAA trade fair in Hanover is the world’s largest and most attractive trade fair for the commercial vehicles industry, and features 2,000 exhibitors from 50 countries and around 300,000 visitors. As a manufacturer of special vehicles, EMPL was on hand to present several innovative body types on their own stand measuring over 400m² - not to mention the many bodies on show at stands from partner companies.

EMPL is a manufacturer of special vehicles and a professional partner for special transport solutions. Under the motto “Your vision - our challenge!”, the vehicles on show at IAA 2016 were tailored precisely to meet all of the requirements and wishes of the respective operators and gave a good overview of the comprehensive product range.

With locations in Austria and Germany, EMPL is the leading European manufacturer of custom-made special truck bodies of the highest quality for the commercial vehicles branch, fire brigades and security forces. Each vehicle is tailored perfectly to the requirements of the customer and the market specifications. For over 60 years, EMPL has been a byword for solution-oriented vehicle construction. Flexibility, speed, professionalism and commitment are the most important factors in meeting customer expectations utilising a team of highly qualified staff.

Commercial vehicles from EMPL are individually manufactured special vehicles that are optimised for particular applications and meet the most stringent quality standards. These customer-oriented transport and logistics solutions meet all branch-specific requirements in terms of maximised payloads, flexible application, functionality, durability and maximum efficiency. Special customer wishes are implemented effectively. A comprehensive range of accessories, equipment and innovative devices for securing the cargo ensure that the precise needs of the operator are met. This means that our range is also extremely varied. Commercial vehicles from EMPL: meeting the highest customer demands! Training and after-sales - your guarantee for optimal performance

In order to maintain and further develop the relationship with the customer after the vehicle has been delivered, the “Training” and “After Sales” departments are an important part of the company. The stated objectives of EMPL are to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and optimal vehicle performance. EMPL trains and advises its customers worldwide both on site and at the in-house “EMPL Akademie”, thus ensuring that they also remain in constant contact with customers following the delivery and handover.

The IAA trade fair is an absolute must for EMPL when it comes to maintaining international contacts and holding technical discussions with customers, partners and visitors. Various special bodies were presented to the trade visitors on the EMPL stand measuring over 400m² – not to mention the many bodies on show at stands from partner companies. In addition to a heavy - duty recovery vehicle for a Romanian transport and logistics company, visitors had the chance to see an innovative ambulance body, a LF 10 group fire-fighting vehicle from the new EMPL PRIMUS generation, a food distribution vehicle, two custom platforms on a special chassis and a special vehicle for tunnel fires. In these vehicles, numerous customer requests and innovations were put into action that significantly simplify the work of the operator.

For many years, heavy - duty rescue vehicles from EMPL have been used successfully around the world as they allow for the problem-free rescue and recovery of passenger vehicles, buses and trucks under the harshest conditions. The sophisticated body concept has proven a convincing argument for well - known, leading recovery companies worldwide. Any vehicle that requires assistance can be rescued and towed in adverse conditions with the same rescue vehicle from EMPL. The BISON models are available in many different versions, whether mounted on three-axle or four-axle chassis with various storage options or with a variety of winches and safety features. Front cranes can also be mounted on the BISON when used in connection with an auxiliary box frame construction developed specially by EMPL. At the IAA, the Austrian body manufacturer presented a particularly interesting EH/W 200 BISON model for Ravitex, a transport and logistics company from Romania who has only recently entered the recovery sector.

The rescue body is built on a Volvo FMX 540 8x6 T-Ride chassis for use on construction sites. Two hydraulic winches with flexible cables and a capacity of 20t each are installed on the lifting arm. These are driven by hydraulic motors. At low traction capacities, only one motor is in operation and the cable drum works at relatively high speed. However, as soon as the load increases the additional motors are automatically activated and the traction capacity is thus increased to maximum load. The main and knuckle boom as well as the extension and the winches can be operated via a radio remote control. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a 10t front winch with 60m cable and a telescopic recovery arm with cable guidance roller on the main arm.

3t of ballast weight on the driver’s cab transfer the weight to both front axles during the towing process. The towing accessories are comprised of a wheel lift, several lifting forks, bolts, chains, pulleys, shackles and safety straps, plus a towing bracket and tow bar. The lighting and safety equipment includes a flyer with light bar, flashing lights, work lights and perimeter lighting on the sides. Two rear - view cameras are also installed on the rear of the vehicle. The storage compartments are made from stainless steel with keyhole bars and are rubber coated on the interior. An access ladder can be attached above the second front axle. The anti-slip surface on the storage compartments is also surrounded by a railing.

Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with a rescue equipment package including crowbar, heavy - duty hammer, bolt cutter, assembly roller, oil absorbent, etc. Numerous additional equipment such as emergency generators, piston compressors, oxyacetylene cutting and welding apparatus, pivoting panels for chains and pivoting compartments for small parts, hygiene boards, hose reels, pivoting workbenches and many more are available from EMPL and are taken into account individually on this vehicle. There are almost no limits to what the operator can do in terms of the layout possibilities of the Bison models.

The vehicle presented at the trade fair has a changeable body for use in ambulance services for the Austrian armed forces, built on a Mercedes - Benz Unimog U4023 chassis with a Euro 6 motor. The Austrian armed forces have been a loyal customer of EMPL for many years. Hundreds of vehicle bodies have already been delivered to the troops over the years. The stand-out features of the changeable system developed specially by EMPL for the Austrian armed forces are its efficiency and reliability. Various body types - whether troop transporters, field cable shelters, mobile workshops or, as seen here, ambulance vehicles - can be mounted easily and securely to both all-terrain and road chassis. Among others, the major advantage of this system is that the changeable bodies are also designed to be transported efficiently on planes for international deployments in connection with a Tridem trailer unit developed specially by EMPL. In recent years, the investments made by the Austrian armed forces have focused primarily on state - of - the - art, flexible equipment suitable for use abroad. Personal protection is given the highest priority here.

The ambulance body presented at the IAA was designed for transporting people with serious injuries. Among other items, the vehicle contains a heater, air - conditioning system, doctor table, seating for the doctor and paramedics, storage space for standard medical equipment, O² warning device, mounts for a scoop stretcher, vacuum mattress, oxygen cylinders, ventilator, blankets and heart rate monitor. Loading and unloading the patient was a particular challenge. A laterally adjustable doctor table with double telescopic action was developed for this purpose and is also suitable for off - road use.

EMPL presented the first vehicle from the new PRIMUS model range at the Interschutz trade fair in 2015. Since then, a wide range of design variations and vehicles have been mounted on various chassis and delivered to our customers. With PRIMUS, EMPL has introduced a new body and design concept for fire brigade vehicles that is based on and complements the existing Firefighter ALU - Tech and Firefighter MOD - Tech lines. Thanks to the completely new alignment and dynamic, powerful look, it clearly stands out when compared to other TLF, LF and HLF models in its class.

As before, EMPL continues to utilise the proven concept involving three independent modules: the original driver’s cab of the truck chassis, the crew compartment and the equipment room body. Thanks to the three modules, the all - terrain capability of the vehicle is not affected and the torsional flexibility is maintained. Furthermore, significant changes to the original cab are not needed and the drive technology can be accessed easily via tilting. As the dimensions of the crew compartment are based on the body and not the driver’s cab, the interior is very spacious. New features in the crew compartment include the bright skylight that can also be used to install an air-conditioning system, the optimised hand rails on the large compartment doors and the electric windows (as standard).

The elegant design of the vehicle - with its aerodynamically shaped roof and special plastic side parts on the lower body - is completely new. This unique design perfectly reflects the core values of EMPL - reliability, functionality, individuality, durability and safety. The LF 10 group fire-fighting vehicle on show at the IAA is built on a MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 BL chassis and designed for the volunteer fire brigade Winden in the municipality of Haag in Upper Bavaria. The driver and crew compartment is designed for a team of 1+8. Two seats are equipped with EMPL - Eagle mounts for breathing apparatus. The body is manufactured from ALU - Tech sandwich panels and is equipped with a 1,200 litre water tank.

At the rear, the vehicle is equipped with a NP 3000 – FPN 10/2000 low - pressure centrifugal fire-fighting pump. A rapid deployment hose reel with 30 m pressure hose and electrical rewinding device as well as a quick attack supply hose are mounted on the right side of the vehicle. The vehicle is additionally equipped with a power generator, lighting kit, PA - equipment mounts, ventilator, pull - out hygiene board and portable pump with pneumatic lowering device. The complete lighting system including the EMPL Function Light light mast and traffic warning system use LED - technology. The anti-slip sand - coated roof can be accessed via a ladder on the rear of the vehicle. A four-piece scaling ladder and a roof box containing a telescopic holder for the lid, integrated LED - interior lighting, constant drainage and ventilation system are stored here.

Additionally, several EMPL bodies were on show at stands from partner companies spread across the whole trade fair.

Food distribution vehicle
In the outdoor area, the Frigoblock stand featured a complete food distribution vehicle from the Austrian company Spar Warenhandels-AG built on a MAN chassis. The vehicle on display is part of a range featuring 15 box bodies with special tail lift and nine tandem trailer units. EMPL continually optimises its solutions for distribution applications. For example, EMPL developed a radar for detecting people (front and rear) and a side camera system for enhancing the driver’s view for Spar. Vehicles are specially equipped with cameras at the front, side and rear and with distance sensors at the front and rear for use in city traffic. Another milestone has been reached in the field of safety with the heating system developed by EMPL, which prevents ice from forming on the roof of the box body and posing a risk to other road users while driving. Another highlight is the tail - lift control unit, which was developed in-house and has been approved by the TÜV. Using a camera system and sensors, the tail lift on both the trailer unit and truck can be operated from the driver’s cab. This results in time and cost savings.

Torsion-free platform with electrically lowerable tarp frame
The Paul Nutzfahrzeuge stand featured a Mercedes - Benz Zetros 3643 A 6x6 with a Paul double cab. EMPL equipped this vehicle with a torsion - free platform with foldable seats and an electrically lowerable tarp frame. The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic frame winch. The spare tyre is stored behind the driver’s cab.

Service and maintenance vehicle
Another EMPL vehicle was found at the Daimler stand, in this case a Unimog U5023 Doka chassis with tractor tyres. EMPL installed a platform body on this demo model, which has been specially designed as a service and maintenance vehicle for mining applications in extreme terrains. With its double cab, the vehicle is ideally suited to transporting construction teams. The platform is designed for transporting generators, welding equipment, pumps, etc. As an extendable option, there is also the possibility of installing an electro-hydraulic crane or a mechanical lifting aid on the platform, which can then be used to load and unload the equipment.

Doublehead tunnel fire truck
Last but not least, a special vehicle body was on display at the Toni Maurer stand. This vehicle is comprised of a chassis for a tunnel fire truck with two driver’s cabs. After the trade fair, the vehicle will be sent to EMPL and transformed into an EMPL Doublehead for use in Vietnam. The Doublehead model on the MAN 18.340 chassis can turn in tight tunnels, drive diagonally and can be controlled from the front and rear when required. The vehicle can reach speeds of 110km/h in the primary driving direction and 90km/h in the emergency direction. The clear advantage of the vehicle is that it can be moved easily away from dangerous situations in tunnels without having to turn the vehicle around. In case of emergencies in the tunnel, the vehicle can then retreat quickly. A self - defence system protects the outer vehicle shell from flames and damage caused by exposure to heat. A spray screen covers the vehicle and the tyres are protected from heat and flames by a special nozzle system. The body is comprised of six equipment compartments and is made from high - tech ALU - Tech sandwich panels. The water tank holds 2,000 litres and the foam tank 400 litres. The centrifugal fire-fighting pump has a rated output of 3,000 litres per minute at 10 bar.

EMPL: Your vision – our challenge!

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