New EMPL rescue fire-fighting vehicle for MAN Steyr factory fire service!


EMPL has established itself as a preferred partner and supplier in the international field of industrial firefighting during recent years. The factory fire service of the renowned local industrial company MAN Truck & Bus Österreich GesmbH Steyr also decided to purchase a rescue fire-fighting vehicle from EMPL.

The customised solutions are often used as a reference when other factory fire services are looking to purchase new vehicles. EMPL has supplied individually customised vehicles to fire services of companies such as Industriepark Schwechat, OMV, Total, Borealis, BASF, BP Ruhröl, Oxea, Raffinerie Heide GmbH, Infra Leuna, Audi, EADS, Qatar Gas, Oman Refinery Company, Yanbu Cement, SINOPEC China, Aluminium Bahrain, and many others.The tender for the factory fire service at MAN Truck & Bus (manufacturing site Steyr) was also won by EMPL with the best overall concept.

Using state - of - the - art organisation and logistics methods, the factory in Steyr manufactures the entire lightweight and medium lorry range of MAN. In addition to this, the facility produces special vehicles as well as driver’s cabs for the MAN manufacturing network. To ensure best possible works safety, the factory has a highly capable fire service on site. A new large paint shop presents additional challenges. This is why the fleet was recently expanded with an RLF-K 2000/200 with state - of - the - art equipment.

The full - time factory fire service at MAN Steyr is one of the oldest fire services in Austria. Fire prevention and fire protection also include technical support, medical services and factory safety. 36 people are responsible for the safety at the factory, 24/7, 365 days a year. The fleet now comprises three vehicles and one tunnel ventilation unit. The new RLF-K now adds a true all - rounder to the fleet. The front crane with 26m radius in particular permits technical work as well as firefighting applications.

RLF-K 2000/200
The firefighting body is set on an MAN TGS 28.400 6x2-4BL EURO 6 chassis. The driver’s compartment is designed for a team of 1+2. The Fire Fighter ALU - Tech body has an aluminium sandwich panel design. The body features four equipment compartments each on the left and right side with interior LED - lighting. These compartments are dustproof and waterproof and are equipped with a continuous glove strip. Rotating and drawer compartments hold water-conducting fittings, a lighting set, blocking tools, hydraulic rescue equipment, a medicine cabinet, personal protective equipment, fans, three SBCA devices on folding EMPL Bandit brackets, and many other items. In addition to the self - retracting cable and compressed - air drum, a pull-out sliding tool wall is also installed.

The vehicle is equipped with a 2,000l water tank, a 200l foam tank as well as an EMPL integrated firefighting pump with high - pressure device TO 3000 FPN 10/3000 - 40/400 in the rear. This can be operated with the EMPL H.I.T. CAN - bus control on the display at the pump operating station as well as from the driver's cab. An 80m high - pressure reel with electric coiling device, a 30m foam fast attack and a 20m distributor fast attack are used for fast-attack applications. In addition, a 30kVA installation power generator as well as a frame installation winch with 55m usable cable length and 80kN cable pull strength are installed on the vehicle.

A front crane with FlyJib and 32mt load torque are installed behind the driver's cab. This still allows loads up to 500kg to be lifted at 26m radius. The extended crane equipment includes a 300l universal gripper, a cable winch and a work basket with 200kg payload. In addition to this, there is an option for installing a monitor with a capacity of 750l/min on the work basket.

The roof can be accessed with a rear ladder and provides the crane accessories, a roof box and an electrically remote-controlled roof turret with a capacity of 2000l/min. The new EMPL Function Light mast offers spot and area lighting for the work site at the same time. A rear warning system provides additional safety.

EMPL: your vision – our challenge!

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