EMPL delivers turbine-powered pumper to Chempark Leverkusen!


EMPL recently delivered an innovative TULF (turbine-powered pumper) to Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG at Chempark Leverkusen. Despite its ten metre length, the heavy giant is agile and flexible: a very special fire truck.

With a total area of around 480 hectares, Leverkusen is the largest of the three Currenta sites and one of the largest chemicals sites in Europe. The turbine-powered pumper with its powerful engine ensures maximum safety for the site, employees and neighbours. All this is made possible by a turbine, like those usually found in aeroplanes. The sound of the TULF starting up is consequently similar to that of an aeroplane.

It is ready to go in just 90 seconds. The turbine uses aerosol technology to transform vast quantities of water into tiny water droplets, dispersing around 4,000 litres of mist per minute. The innovative fire fighting technology of the TULF provides crucial advantages for fighting smoke and fire. The generated aerosol mist covers fires like a film to accelerate extinguishing by preventing the fire from escaping to the outside. Smoke is absorbed to provide better visibility for the factory fire service. This allows burning tanks to be optimally cooled and encapsulated.

The new TULF is built on an MAN TGS 28.500 EURO 6 chassis and designed for a squad crew. A breathing apparatus is integrated into the passenger seat.

The superstructure is composed of 3 independent modules. A separate hydro jet module is placed between the equipment compartments G1/G2 and G3/G4. This module can work independently of the carrier vehicle. It is attached with a twist–lock system and can therefore be detached. The equipment compartment structure is manufactured from 2-layer ALU-Tech sandwich panels.

The left and right side feature equipment compartments, each with 2 solid, powder-coated, lockable EMPL aluminium roll-up doors, which are dustproof and waterproof . All roll-up doors are equipped with self-tightening closing straps. LED lighting strips shine diagonally inwards to ensure optimum illumination of the equipment compartments. The left and right side of the rear each feature 2 deep equipment compartments with underfloor flaps, which have a load capacity of 270 kg each. 2 hose reels on a lowering support structure are located below the equipment compartment in the rear.

The TULF itself carries 5,500 l of water and moves this to the cannons with a 10,000 l pump. The call-out concept of the Chempark fire service includes foaming agent logistics on a swap body vehicle with a foam container. Foam containers with more than 10,000 l foaming agent (AFFF or fluorine-free) are on stand-by for this purpose. The foaming agents are aspirated with a foaming agent pump installed on the vehicle.

The roof above the equipment compartment can be accessed and has a non-slip coating. A folding access ladder with a crossing platform on the passenger side allows easy access to the roof box located there. In addition to the extending hydro jet module on the roof, with an output of 4,000 l/min, the vehicle is equipped with a 6,000 l roof cannon with a pneumatic lifting device. The roof of the rear equipment compartments and the driver's cab as well as the rear side of the driver's cab are equipped with a self-protection system.

The equipment in and on the TULF includes a 365 m A type hose, 240 m B type hose, adapters, foaming agent intake hose, fast attack distributor, hollow jet tube, hydro shield, telescopic ladder, lighting, signalling and radio equipment, turbine immersion pump, gas measuring device, compressed air sprayer with defrosting agent, and much more.

EMPL: Your vision – our challenge!

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