EMPL at Interschutz 2022 with large range of special-purpose solutions!


EMPL showed its highly unusual side once again at Interschutz in Hannover from 20 to 25 June. On a stand area of around 1000 m², the manufacturer of individual special-purpose truck bodies exhibited eleven specially adapted fire brigade vehicles.

With sites in Austria and Germany, EMPL is the leading European manufacturer of custom-made special-purpose truck bodies of the highest quality for fire brigades, the commercial vehicle industry and the security services. Each vehicle is tailored perfectly to the requirements of the customer and the market situation. At Interschutz 2022, EMPL once again succeeded in convincing and inspiring visitors with its customised special-purpose vehicles.

GTLF with Scorpio extinguishing arm – Yncoris factory fire service – Chemiepark Knapsack
The body on a MAN TGS 41.480 8x4 BB chassis with a fully automatic Allison torque converter is equipped with a 9,500 l water tank, a 4,500 l foam tank and a 500 kg powder extinguishing system. Two equipment compartments with solid, powder-coated, lockable, dust-tight and water-tight EMPL aluminium roll-up shutters with bar lock system are installed on each side. All roll-up shutters are equipped with self-tightening closing straps. Folding self-supporting platforms are provided on the left and right sides, each of which can support a load of 270 kg.

The equipment compartment in the rear features a gate with an integrated roll-up door and houses the 8.000 l/min installation pump with integrated low-pressure foam addition system and the pump control panel. A 320 l gear pump with hydraulic drive and a 30 l piston pump with electric drive are installed here. Each output can be selected individually – water and water / foam can be run in parallel. Pump & roll operation is also possible. The vehicle is equipped with two A outputs and six B outputs, as well as three A inputs and 6 B inputs and two B filling lines. A 2.500 l/min monitor is installed on the vehicle front.

The roof features the rotating, slewing light mast for near and far field, a 360° bird’s eye view camera, two hose storage boxes for 80 m B hose and 60 m A hose, which are positioned on two electric lowering units, as well as the 25 m aluminium SCORPIO extinguishing arm with a 4.000 l/min cannon. The extinguishing arm can be rotated through 360° and is supported within the contour markings of the vehicle during operation. An additional B output, a wind measuring device as well as a video and thermal imaging camera system are located at the top of the mast.

A special highlight is that all devices and other loaded equipment are equipped with an RFID system. This means that a tablet mounted in the cab can be used to document and check all fire fighting equipment and to monitor the maintenance intervals. Other smart solutions such as smoke detectors in the equipment compartments, extending barrier tapes and an overpressure rescue device for the machinist were also integrated.

The extensive equipment includes directly linked portable water cannons with a capacity 2.000 l/min and 4.500 l/min, an extinguishing sphere, a compressed air breathing apparatus, rescue devices, work lights, a telescopic ladder, a mist extinguishing system, a pipe sealing kit, hose packages, hydro shields, a foam pipe, hand tools, a rescue sheet, a drip pan and a variety of other equipment for hazardous substances.

SLF – Bayer factory fire service – Bergkamen
The special pumper on a Mercedes Benz Actros 2546 L 8x2/6 for a team of 1 + 6 has 5 respirator seats and a shelf system in the crew compartment.  The special pumper is equipped with a 3,000 l water tank, a 7,000 l foam tank a 750 kg powder and 180 kg CO2 extinguishing system. The CO2 system is equipped with a separate cylinder triggering (single, double or overall triggering). The left and right sides of the body are each fitted with a powder and CO2 reel, a combination foam pipe and a B distribution fast attack stored in loops.

A 6.000 l/min pump supplies the radio-remote controlled 4.000 l/min roof monitor on a pneumatic lifting unit. There is also the option of powder emission. A 360 l gear pump and 30 l piston pump are also installed.

In addition to the monitor, the roof also holds a mechanical ladder lowering device, a roof box, a light mast, a bird’s eye view camera system and a fall protection.

The equipment furthermore includes a high-capacity fan, a jet pipe with branchpipe holder, a respiratory protection emergency bag, hose baskets, 2 floor-mounted cannons and much more. Two swivelling type A reels are installed at the rear.

TULF – Currenta factory fire service – Chempark Leverkusen
The new turbine pumper is set on a MAN TGS 28.500 EURO 6 chassis and designed for a squad crew. A breathing apparatus is integrated into the passenger seat.

The superstructure is composed of 3 independent modules. A separate hydro jet module is placed between the equipment compartments G1/G2 and G3/G4. This module can work independently of the carrier vehicle. It is attached with a twist–lock system and can therefore be detached. The equipment compartment structure is manufactured from double-layer ALU-Tech sandwich panels. The left and right sides feature equipment compartments, each with 2 solid, powder-coated, lockable EMPL aluminium roll-up shutters, which are dustproof and waterproof . All roll-up doors are equipped with self-tightening closing straps. LED lighting strips shine diagonally inwards to ensure optimum illumination of the equipment compartments. The left and right sides of the rear each feature 2 deep equipment compartments with underfloor hatches, which have a load capacity of 270 kg each. 2 hose reels on a lowering support structure are located below the equipment compartment in the rear.

The turbine pumper itself carries 5,500 l of water and transports this to the cannons with a 10,000 l/min pump. The call-out concept of the Chempark fire service includes foaming agent logistics on a swap body vehicle with a type AB foam container. Type AB foam containers with more than 10,000 l agent (AFFF or fluorine-free) are provided for this purpose. The foaming agents are aspirated with a foaming agent pump installed on the vehicle.

The roof above the equipment compartment can be accessed and has a non-slip coating. A folding access ladder with a crossing platform on the passenger side allows easy access to the roof box located there. In addition to the extending hydro jet module on the roof, with an output of 4,000 l/min, the vehicle is equipped with a 6,000 l/min roof cannon with a pneumatic lifting device.

The roof of the rear equipment compartments and the driver's cab as well as the rear side of the driver's cab are equipped with a self-protection system.

The equipment in and on the turbine pumper includes a 365 m A type hose, 240 m B type hose, adapters, foaming agent intake hose, fast attack distributor, hollow jet pipe, hydro shield, telescopic ladder, lighting, signalling and radio equipment, turbine immersion pump, gas measuring device, compressed air sprayer with defrosting agent and much more.

MzGW – THW – specialist team for emergency supply / emergency repairs
The nationwide specialist team for emergency supply / emergency repairs was founded in 2019 at the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) as part of the new tactical unit model. It has a wide range of tasks such as illumination, pumping, transporting loads, working at and on the water, or technical support.

The multi-purpose support truck on a MAN TGM 18.290 4x4 BB with a double cabin (1+6) is equipped with a platform body with sliding tarps on the sides and a fixed tarp roof, as well as a Dhollandia tail lift for accommodating wheeled containers. The hydraulic tail lift with a capacity of 2 t can handle even heavy equipment and machines. With the permanently installed pallet truck, no machine equipment (e.g. forklift) is required for loading and unloading. Airline rails, lashing points and combination anchor rails in the side panels allow for flexible load securing.

If the space is needed for transport tasks, the roll-on containers can be unloaded from the vehicle quickly and flexibly using the tail lift. This allows the team to transport, for example, wood for supporting unstable buildings or a large number of sand bags for flood events. Nine locations with EUR pallet size are available in total.

A device carrier is installed behind the double cab, equipped with a power generator, a rescue basket, first aid equipment, traffic control equipment, lighting, ADR equipment and much more. The integrated equipment compartment is particularly suitable for building temporary bridges as the required tools are permanently positioned in the vehicle without taking up any of the actual loading area.

SRF – St. Gallen volunteer fire brigade
The heavy-duty rescue vehicle on a Scania P 410 4x4 is equipped with a HIAB X-HiPro 232 loading crane on the rear and a tow bar. A Rotzler TR080 winch with 8 t constant towing force is installed at the front of the vehicle, along with 2 LED headlights on the sun visor. The roof is equipped with a roof box, a rescue beam, a ladder and the EMPL Function Light mast with 8 LED lights for simultaneous targeted and large-area illumination. The walk-on roof is accessed with a folding aluminium ladder on the passenger side.

The left and right sides feature the equipment compartments, each with 2 solid, powder-coated, lockable Empl aluminium roll-up shutters, which are dustproof and waterproof. All roll-up doors are equipped with bar locks with integrated hand protection as well as self-tightening rubber straps for closing. The LED light strips of the interior lighting in the compartments shine diagonally inwards and are operated with contactless switches. 1 deep equipment compartment is positioned between the front and rear axles. When folded down, its underfloor hatches can be uses as self-supporting platforms (270 kg capacity). In addition, fold-down wings are integrated into the wheel houses of the rear axle to produce a continuous surface.

The equipment includes a hydraulic rescue kit, a support system, a lifting cushion kit, support timbers, a rescue crash kit, a grip hoist, a manoeuvring roller, a power generator, fall protection, a rescue basket, chain slings, round slings, a tool kit, a chain saw, an angle grinder, an LED floodlight, an immersion pump and much more. A sliding tool panel for blocking tools can be pulled out on either side.

TLF 2000/120 Primus – Tumeltsham volunteer fire brigade
EMPL uses the proven concept of three independent modules: original driver's cab of the lorry chassis, crew compartment and equipment compartment structure. The three modules mean that the cross-country mobility of the vehicle is not affected and the torsional abilities are maintained. In addition, no major interventions in the original cab are necessary and the drive technology can be easily accessed by tilting the cab.

With the PRIMUS, EMPL offers a superstructure and design concept for fire fighting vehicles which is based on the existing “Firefighter ALU-Tech” and “Firefighter MOD-Tech” ranges and supplements these. Its styling and the beefy, dynamic appearance, however, make the PRIMUS stand out clearly from the other TLF, LF and HLF vehicles of its class.

The driver and crew compartment of the pumper for the Tumeltsham volunteer fire brigade is designed for a team of 1+6. 3 seats are equipped with EMPL Eagle breathing apparatus mounts for 2-cylinder systems. In addition, the crew compartment features an action tower and a sun roof with walk-on acrylic glass. An air conditioning unit can be retrofitted as required.

The pumper based on a MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 is equipped with a 2,000 l water tank and a 120 l foam tank. In the rear, which is opened with a gate, houses an NP 3000 FPN 10/3000 centrifugal fire fighting pump, a Cameleon low-pressure foam addition system, a low-pressure fast attack reel with a 30 m rubber hose and the Empl H.I.T. pump control with display. The vehicle front is equipped with 2 LED roof spotlights, a road cleaning system and a TR030/7 fire winch with unwinding to the front.

The roof is equipped with a roof box on the right in direction of travel, a 4-piece sectional ladder with connecting piece, a 2-part extending ladder and the EMPL Function Light mast.

The equipment includes a power generator, a hydraulic rescue kit, lifting cushions, a batter-powered pressure fan, a universal cutting tool, a chain saw, a spine board, a lighting unit, a mini Chiemsee pump, an underwater pump, an emergency case pump kit, a water vacuum, a portable water cannon, suction hoses, pressure hoses, multi-purpose jet pipes, a hydro shield, a powder extinguisher, a CO2 extinguisher and much more.

TLF 3000/100/100 – Mellau volunteer fire brigade
The pumper is set on a Scania P 440 4x4 with CrewCab. The crew compartment, which was specially developed for emergency services, stands out on account of its flexibility, ergonomics and safety. The driver’s and crew compartment are designed for a crew of 1+8 and are equipped with 3 EMPL Eagle breathing apparatus mounts with integrated safety opening in the seat surface. The cab also features helmet brackets for driver and front passenger as well as a storage compartment between driver’s and passenger seat.

The superstructure is made from EMPL Fire Fighter Alu-Tech. 2-layer, plastic-coated aluminium sandwich panels in combination with a hot-galvanized base frame ensures maximum corrosion resistance. The vehicle is equipped with a 3,000 l extinguishing water tank and two 100 l foam tanks. The rear of the vehicle contains the EMPL FPN 10/3000 integrated pump, a Cameleon low-pressure foam addition system and, above it, the fast attack consisting of a 60 m shape-retaining 38 mm rubber hose with hollow jet pipe and electrical reel winding. The pneumatic light mast with 8 LED spotlighs with a 6 m light point height is additionally controlled from the rear.

The vehicle features three equipment compartments on each side. The equipment includes an 8 kW integrated generator, 2 mobile power generators, 3 compressed air breathing cylinders as a backup, a portable monitor, CO2, foam and powder extinguishers, an immersion pump, a battery-powered tool kit, a grip hoist, a foot winch and much more.

The roof can be accessed with a ladder that folds down diagonally and has an anti-slip sand coating. It features a roof box with a telescopic gas bracket, integrated interior lighting and a top-mounted hook ladder as well as a two-part extending ladder on a mechanical comfort ladder removal device.

All lighting elements on the vehicle – equipment compartments, surround lighting, light mast, self-supporting platforms, rear warning system, beacons, roof surface lighting, search lights, etc. – use LED technology.

ULF – Röhm fire factory service – Worms
The universal pumper of the Röhm factory fire service is set on a Scania P500 6x2*4 with air suspension, CrewCab 1+5 and pneumatically folding EMPL access steps. All seats in the driver’s cab and the crew compartment (except for the driver seat) are equipped with integrated respirator seats. A generously sized shelf system is installed on both sides in the crew compartment.

The universal pumper is equipped with a 2,000 l water tank, a 3,000 l foam tank and a 750 kg powder extinguishing system with 50 m fast attack on an electric reel. An FPN 10/8000 integrated rear pump supplies the radio remote controlled Alco APF 3U-DC roof monitor with a capacity of 4,000 l/min on a pneumatic lifting unit and the remote controlled Alco front cannon APF 3C-DC front monitor with a capacity of 2,000 l/min. The foam addition system with an addition rate between 100 and 10,000 l/min can be controlled separately and individually at all outlets.

The roof features an electric ladder lowering device for a 4-part sectional ladder, foam suction lines, pike poles, an EMPL Function Light mast, a bird’s eye view camera and a pneumatic roof railing. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with a gate/roll-up door combination and 2 reels (1 hose carrying basket type B, 1 wide reel type A) on a hydraulically lowering support structure.

The equipment includes a power generator, a high-capacity fan, portable cannons, hose carrying baskets, hose materials, a turbo mixer, a Tacbag, foam, metal and CO2 extinguishers, fire extinguishing fittings, hydro shields, chemical protection equipment, floodlights, hydraulic winches, a combination spreader and much more.

RF-S – Schwaz volunteer fire brigade
The special version rescue vehicle of the Schwaz volunteer fire brigade is set on a Mercedes Benz Unimog U 530 4x4. The body features an EMPL Integro crew compartment with space for a team of 1+5, with 3 seats equipped with EMPL Eagle breathing apparatus mounts. Additional equipment boxes are located underneath the seats. In addition, the crew compartment contains a securing device kit, safety ropes, a first aid kit, hand-held lights, a thermal imaging camera and much more. Pneumatically fold-down access doors with integrated entry lighting are located at the entrance.

The equipment compartments, each with 2 Empl aluminium roll-up shutters, are located on the left and right of the body. G1 and G2 above the rear axle are equipped with fold-down wheel houses, while G3 and G4 have deep equipment compartments with underfloor hatches. The equipment compartment at the rear, which is equipped with a gate, can be accessed with an extending platform.

The body houses an 800 l water tank with electric tank heating, a 1.300 l/min mid-ship pump, a portable pump, a 8 kVA integrated generator and a 30 m fast attack reel with electric winding. The roof is fitted with a roof box, a 4-part sectional ladder, a 360° bird’s eye view camera system, headlamps, a rear warning system and a light mast with electric erecting and pneumatic extending. In addition, the vehicle has an F70.2 B H1 H0/W front mounted winch with 5 t traction force and 70 m cable length.

The extensive equipment includes a spine board, a rescue basket, floodlights, compressed air cylinders, lifting cushions, a power generator, a chain saw, a drill, an angle grinder, a heavy-duty stretcher, winch chocks, a grip hoist, load slings, shackles, lashing straps, ABC extinguishers, pressure hoses, distributors, transition pieces, hollow jet pipes and much more.

TMB – Yncoris factory fire service – Chemiepark Knapsack
The telescopic mast platform on a Scania P 450 8x4*4 with CrewCab is equipped with a 44 m mast from Bronto Skylift with a lifting rescue platform, which is a custom design due to the CrewCab, the tanks and the pump system.

The body is equipped with an 800 l water tank, a 1,200 l foam tank, an ND 10/600 centrifugal fire fighting pump and a low-pressure foam addition system with a hydraulic pump with a capacity of 240 l/min and an electrical pump with a capacity of 30 l/min. These are independent of the centrifugal fire fighting pump so that foam agent can be pumped without actuating the water pump. The pumps supply 2 type B outlets on each side as well as a 3,500 l TFT cannon on the basket using telescopic water guiding. Each outlet can be selected with water and water/foam separately, it can be operated in parallel and the addition rates can be adjusted continuously. The basket is additionally equipped with 2 type B outlets, a hose reel with 20 m type D moulded hose and a hollow jet pipe with a capacity of 150 l/min and is designed for holding a stretcher. 2 spray nozzles at the underside of the basket protect the basket passengers against fumes, dust, vapours and heat. These are also suitable for knocking down toxic gases.

The equipment also includes hand-held light, a Gully-Ei, manhole covers, an insulating breathing apparatus, fall protection, a hydraulic combination device, powder and CO2 extinguishers, a combination foam pipe, a gas measuring device, 2 mobile TFT cannons with a capacity of 2,000 l/min, hollow jet pipes, battery-operated fans, hose material, a spine board, a rescue basket, a mobile smoke curtain and much more.

HLF 20 PRIMUS – Schwangau volunteer fire brigade
The pumper with rescue equipment based on a MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 with Primus design is equipped with a 2,000 l water tank and a 120 l foam tank. The rear, which can be opened with a gate with an integrated roll-up door, features an FPN 10/2000 centrifugal fire fighting pump and the Cameleon low-pressure foam addition system. A fast attach unit as a type C hose is stowed in loops. The driver and crew compartment of the HLF 20 is designed for a team of 1+8. 4 seats are equipped with EMPL Eagle breathing apparatus mounts.

The roof of the vehicle holds a monitor, which is also intended for mobile use, a roof box on the right in direction of travel, a 3-part extending ladder, a 4-part sectional ladder and the EMPL Function Light mast. The rear is equipped with two single-person reels for type B hose/traffic control.

The extensive equipment also includes a hydraulic rescue kit, a power generator, a lighting unit, a rescue platform, a lifting cushion set, a water vacuum and overpressure fan as a swap module, an immersion pump, a grip hoist, a rescue jump cushion, an angle grinder, a power saw, a pendulum saw, a gas measuring device, chemical protection suits and much more.

EMPL wants to use this opportunity to thank its customers for providing the vehicles and for their loyalty, and to thank the many visitors at the exhibition for the pleasant and constructive discussions.

EMPL: Your vision. Our challenge.

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