Heavy-duty equipment for Salzburg professional fire service


The city of Salzburg with its narrow lanes, Hohensalzburg Fortress and the 1,288 metre high Gaisberg presents a special challenge for the professional fire service. But it is not only the local infrastructure that has to be overcome. Extreme storms, fires and a variety of accidents have recently been keeping the Salzburg professional fire service extremely busy.

The specialists are needed almost around the clock. This is a test of endurance not only for the people, but also for the equipment. To ensure that the excellently trained team always has the right equipment to hand, the requirements for vehicles are accordingly high. Agility and off-road capabilities are top priorities when it comes to accessing even the most narrow and winding parts of Salzburg. This also applies to the latest addition to the fleet of the Salzburg fire department.

Perfectly equipped – heavy-duty rescue vehicle with rear crane
As the heavy-duty rescue vehicle with rear crane on a Mercedes Benz 1936 AK with Palfinger PK 16.000 C from 1988 had become outdated, the Salzburg fire service had to replace it with a new, more modern unit.

For this replacement, particular focus was placed on an extremely powerful loading crane and a low overall height of the vehicle. It was also important that a self-steering trailing axle and the chosen wheelbase could achieve a high level of manoeuvrability. Especially for the drive concept, a front axle with additional hydraulic drive was required in addition to the rear axle with conventional drive.

Considering the expected field of activity, this should ensure that the drive power can be transferred even in poor conditions, without significantly increasing the overall height and therefore limiting the height of the loading crane, as is the case with permanent all-wheel drive.

Empl Fahrzeugwerk in Tyrol implemented the custom body for the new heavy-duty rescue vehicle on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2546 L 6x2 chassis.

The Fire-Fighter Alu Tech body with aluminium sandwich panels provides the basis for the vehicle with a crew of 1+1. A CAN bus comfort control is available for operation.

Salzburg Deputy Fire Chief Werner Kloiber has high expectations for the new heavy-duty rescue vehicle: "Tactically, the new heavy-duty rescue vehicle will be used for all callouts which require lifting work and/or technical services, including on a larger scale."

In addition to an integrated power generator with a capacity of 20 kVA, the vehicle also features an integrated frame winch type ROTZLER TREIBMATIC TR080 as a 2-gear design with 8 t of constant capacity and 45 m usable cable length for front unwinding, a compressed air compressor (14 bar operating pressure), a plasma cutting device, support materials, hydraulic rescue equipment, load attachment gear, lifting cushions (1 bar and 12 bar) as well as different cutting tools.

The equipment compartments are sealed against dust and water ingress with solid, powder-coated aluminium roll-up doors. All roll-up doors are equipped with bar locks with integrated hand protection and self-tightening closing straps. The LED light strips for the interior lighting in the compartments are operated with contactless switches. An illuminated roof box and a scaling ladder are located on the roof. A clever LED lighting concept, a light mast and a reversing video system as well as a rear warning system with up to 200 freely programmable messages and integrated traffic guiding device ensure maximum safety during callouts.

The loading crane with 41 t lifting moment on the heavy-duty rescue vehicle is a Palfinger 42.002 SH G. With 8-fold extension and integrated continuous slewing unit, it provides maximum freedom of movement and allows unrestricted slewing. At a radius of 20.8 m, it still has a lifting capacity of 1,180 kg; the maximum lifting capacity is 12 t. The support width of 7.4 m ensures optimum stability for this. In addition, the crane has a function for automatic folding, an option for securing persons and for accommodating a team basket.

The knuckle boom features a 24.5 kN cable winch with 2,500 kg capacity and 65 m length, including synchronous cable winch control. The crane accessories are stored in the vehicle body and a separate trailer with 1,300 kg payload for work basket, gripper, etc.

With this heavy-duty rescue vehicle, the professional fire service is once again ready for any callout – state-of-the-art technology that meets the special challenges in the city of Salzburg.

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